If all iPhone 15 phones are getting USB-C, why would I buy the Pro?

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Earlier in the month, I said that if the iPhone 15 Pro got USB-C, it would be an instant upgrade for me and my iPhone 13 Pro. Now, with it all but confirmed, it seems like I’m getting a new phone this year – but new rumors mean it might not be the phone I thought it might be.

According to 9to5Mac, even the regular iPhone 15 models are not only getting the Dynamic Island from the iPhone 14 Pro, but also USB-C. This is different from how the port debuted on the iPad Pro back in 2018 – it appeared on the Pro tablet first, eventually trickling down to the other models by 2020.

I’ve long awaited USB-C to come to iPhone, and even if Apple’s hand was forced by the European Commission, I’m happy that it’s looking more likely by the week.

However, I'm wondering what will make iPhone 15 Pro unique for me now. Apart from the exclusive colors it offers and the extra camera lens, what other new features have been rumored that could tempt me?

Fortunately, it’s not taken long to justify my need for the bigger, more powerful model. All I needed to do was look at the rumored features of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and remember why I use the camera as much as I do.

The answer is Jolly

Jolly the Cocker on an iPhone 13 Pro

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Every day when I come back home from working somewhere, my dog, Jolly, has a dinosaur toy or a ball betwixt his jaw, ready to play. As we all know, it is against the rules to not take pictures of dog playtime, so I try to take as many photos of him as I can. This extends to when my wife and I take him out to nature parks, or when he sees family or friends and wants a belly rub. Any opportunity to take a picture of my furry friend I will gladly take. With my iPhone in hand, I am prepared at a moment's notice to snap a Jolly pic.

We've come a long way from taking shots in a camera with film, then heading to the store to get them developed after a few days. Smartphones have allowed all of us to take shots of spontaneous moments, then edit or delete them if we weren't happy with them.

My iCloud Shared Library is already full of Jolly, and it's my need for a good camera why this year I'm going to upgrade to an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Upgrading a smartphone isn't about messaging and calling people, and it hasn't been for years. Back when I'd set up phones at the phone store I worked at, I quickly learned that customers were paying a monthly fee for a camera, not a phone.

Users want the best camera for those quick moments - from still photos, to slo-mo videos and more, so they can send it to friends over WhatsApp or on Instagram as a story of the best quality. I'm willing to go a step above to get the best camera to take advantage of all of life’s moments, be that a walk in the park with Jolly or a holiday with my wife and friends.

We've been here before with exclusive camera features

Space Black iPhone 14 Pro

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Ever since Apple introduced exclusive features such as Portrait Mode with the iPhone 8 Plus, it's slowly made these an exclusive temptation for the Pro models.

Yet it looks as though the iPhone 15 Pro Max is going to gain a new feature on its own in the form of a periscope lens. This will mean that I'll be able to zoom far out into a field as Jolly catches his ball, while not compromising on the quality of the photo or video.

I've owned a bigger iPhone before with the 8 Plus, and I used to love the larger home screen and improved battery life. I'd be tempted this year to take advantage of the bigger screen, the bigger battery, and, if confirmed, the better camera of the latest Pro model. After all, I want that camera for those days out with Jolly to film a bunch of incredible 4K videos.

With all this in mind, the iPhone 15 Pro Max sounds more like my ultimate iPhone. From USB-C and a great camera to a refined design that looks like a cross between an iPhone 11 and an iPhone 14, there’s everything I’m looking for. I might even go with the bigger 512GB storage option to make storing all those 4K videos a little easier.

Yes, my wife may raise an eyebrow when I come back from an Apple Store in the fall, but Jolly will be greeting me with a ball, and I'll be ready to capture his joy with my new iPhone. When it comes down to it, that's what makes it worth spending the extra $300.

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