iPhone 14 Pro might not feature a pill and hole notch design after all

Purple Iphone 14 Pro Render
iPhone 14 Pro Render (Image credit: Front Page Tech)

Up until today, everyone has been expecting Apple to ditch the current notch design in favor of a pill and hole design for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Today, someone has decided to throw a wrench into that thinking.

As reported by MacRumors, an anonymous tipster reached out to the outlet to claim that, instead of a pill and notch design for the new "notch," the iPhone 14 Pro will instead turn off the pixels in between the two components to create the illusion of one, big pill.

Rather than stick with the uneven aesthetic, the suggestion is that Apple has chosen to turn off the pixels in the "dead space" between the cutouts in order to create the appearance of a unified pill shape that is less distracting when viewing content on the screen.

The tipster went even further, saying that Apple may expand the blacked-out areas in multiple directions depending on what the iPhone is displaying on the screen:

In another intriguing twist, the tipster also claims that Apple intends to visually expand the blacked-out areas around the cutouts to host content. For example, Apple could make the area slightly wider to fit status icons on the left and right sides, or even extend it downward into a large rounded square when delivering certain notifications.

To add to the new rumor, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman took to Twitter to agree with the concept of one big pill:

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But we're used to the pill and hole design now!

If Apple could use its ability to turn off pixels with the iPhone 14 Pro's OLED display as a way to create unique experiences with the new design, that's an interesting idea that could be pretty cool. However, we've already gotten used to the pill and hole design! I'm not ready for a hard turn right at the end.

Whether you're on team pill and hole or team big pill, all of those rumors will go away in one week. Apple is hosting its "Far Out" iPhone 14 event next week on Wednesday, September 7.

In addition to announcing the iPhone 14, the company is also expected to unveil the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Pro, and AirPods Pro 2.

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