Get a free Apple Watch and $200 off an iPad when you buy an iPhone 14 Plus at Verizon

iPhone 14 Plus, Apple Watch and iPad.
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The iPhone 14 Plus is the bigger of the two flagship iPhones, with a 6.7-inch display. It's usually more expensive than the iPhone 14 as well, although at the moment you can grab one for only $5 a month from Verizon. You'll have to go for one of Verizon's slightly more expensive 5G unlimited plans, but even then the savings are worth the little extra - and you'll get bucketloads of data.

If you're looking for another iPhone model, we know where to find all the best iPhone 14 deals and iPhone 14 Pro deals. There are plenty of deals to be found out there, although they are mostly on contracts.

iPhone 14 Plus for less than an iPhone 14

iPhone 14 Plus | from $5 per month at Verizon

iPhone 14 Plus | from $5 per month at Verizon

The iPhone 14 Plus gives you that little bit extra screen real estate over the iPhone 14 and a bigger battery too. This deal makes it, without trade-in, the cheapest its ever been, with a massive $719 total saving on the device. There are other deals on the page as well, with $200 off an iPad, and a free Apple Watch SE to go with it.

The iPhone 14 Plus is, in essence, a bigger iPhone 14. Much like the iPhone 13 mini it (strangely) replaces, it's the same internals in a differently-sized handset. In this case, for those who want a bigger screen. This deal makes it the cheapest it's ever been if you haven't got an older iPhone to trade in. Previously, there have been trade-in discounts, but at the moment it seems those have finished.

The big bonus here is that you can add a free Apple Watch SE to the deal. You'll still have to pay for the data contract on the little watch, but the device is free. Similarly, if you add the $200 off an iPad (2021) into the mix, then you'll save on the iPad itself, but still, have to pay for the iPad data contract. So that's a phone, an Apple Watch, and an iPad for a great deal.

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