Fake MagSafe battery packs get USB-C upgrade in preparation for iPhone 15

Fake MagSafe battery pack with USB-C
(Image credit: Majin Bu)

Apple is set to finally transition the iPhone to USB-C from Lightning when the iPhone 15 launches on September 12. As we prepare for that change, the counterfeiters also seem to be preparing to rip off the new accessories accurately. A new set of photos shows a fake MagSafe battery pack with a USB-C port, which seems to already be ready to ship.

The tip comes from Majin Bu, who has been dishing out rumors about the next best iPhone consistently. The photos show a new MagSafe battery pack complete with USB-C. Although it looks very convincing, it's apparently a counterfeit that has already beaten Apple's own to appear online first.

Apple's USB-C move could drive transition faster than ever

While Apple's heavily rumored move to USB-C is yet to be official, it appears that companies making fakes have already begun preparing for the shift. MagSafe battery packs have already appeared, and it's likely that counterfeiters already have a whole bunch of accessories ready to flood the market with as soon as the iPhone 15 is official.

The pictured MagSafe battery pack almost looks legitimate, but it's likely that an official one is also on the way. Majin Bu commented, saying, "This is a fake model, the original may be different and subject to variations. I don't know when exactly it will be released but it is likely that they will announce something for the event"

It's very possible that Apple will release a whole bunch of upgraded accesories to go along with the iPhone 15, especially since the USB-C shift would mean that the MFi program is likely headed for an end. As such, having first-party USB-C accesories would be crucial to keep some of that revenue.

At the same time, unofficial and fake accessories are also bound to get USB-C versions, likely leading to a speedier USB-C endgame.

Palash Volvoikar

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