Get an iPhone 15 Pro, an Apple Watch, and an iPad for free when you trade in your old phone at Verizon

iPhone 15 Pro deal
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This deal is becoming a trend at Verizon we’ve noticed — and it remains unbeaten for getting you the ‘holy trinity’ of Apple products for less. For those that didn’t read the title (for some reason), that’s a brand new iPhone 15 Pro, an Apple Watch, and an iPad for free.

There are some caveats, but they’re more than worth it for the savings on the devices. First of all, you need to trade in your old smartphone, which will net you the $1000 necessary to get the iPhone for free. You also need to choose the Unlimited Ultimate service plan on your iPhone, which gives you all the data you could ever need for your iPhone. You’ll need separate data plans for your iPad and Apple Watch, mind you. Once those are chosen though, it’s off to new device town for you.

Free devices? Sign us up!

iPhone 15 Pro, Apple Watch SE, iPad 10.2 inch for free with trade-in at Verizon

iPhone 15 Pro, Apple Watch SE, iPad 10.2 inch for free with trade-in at Verizon

We’ve seen this deal a couple of times from Verizon, although each time with a slightly different device. Your trade-in device will have to be in good working order, of course, for the full trade-in amount, but we’ve had some success with older iPhones like 11 and 12. 

This is a super easy deal to grab. Just head over to the Verizon website, and spec out your iPhone 15 Pro. Remember that any extra storage you choose here will take you over that $1000 trade-in credit, so for anything over 128GB, you’ll be paying the difference monthly. 

Once that’s all sorted, you’re taken to the deal page, which lets you select the deal that you want to go with your iPhone. Choose the trade-in option, and then get an estimate on your old phone. Then, choose the 10.2-inch iPad and Apple Watch SE from the options below, and continue with the process.

Remember, when you choose your data plan, you need to opt for the Unlimited Ultimate plan so that you can get the iPad and Apple Watch for free. Otherwise, your savings will be less. It’s worth paying the extra because it more than outweighs how much the Apple Watch and iPad would have cost you monthly.

You can only pay for this deal monthly, as well — no option to pay all in one go here. This is easily one of the cheapest ways to get one of the best iPhones ever, as well as a new Apple Watch and iPad, and it’s especially good if you’re joining the Apple ecosystem for the first time.

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