iPhone 15's major iPhone 14 Pro camera upgrade echoed by top insider

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A top industry insider and leading Apple leaker has all but confirmed the regular iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models are getting a massive camera upgrade when they come out later this year.

In a passing tweet regarding the fortune of supply chain manufacturers, Ming-Chi Kuo noted that "Will Semi is the indirect biggest beneficiary of the upgrade of the wide camera CIS of two iPhone 15 standard versions to 48MP." 

This is yet another indicator that one of the most advanced features of Apple's best iPhone, the iPhone 14 Pro, is coming to even more users in September. 

iPhone 15 camera upgrade - iMore's take

There are swirlings and rumors that the 48MP camera from the iPhone 14 Pro is coming to both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. They were first reported by Jeff Pu and then reiterated by IT Home, but Ming-Chi Kuo is by far and away the most reputable insider to supply us with this information. 

First debuted on the iPhone 14 Pro last year, the 48MP camera delivers 4x the detail of Apple's previous sensors, and shoots in ProRAW for some mind-boggling details.

It means you can take photos that are four times larger than regular 12MP iPhone shots or zoom in for a much closer look at the same detail you would have previously. The iPhone 14 Pro is my main camera, and the RAW 48MP shots are absolutely fantastic, so the fact all of Apple's main iPhone users are getting this feature this year is brilliant. It'll also be powered by the more powerful A17 Bionic chip from last year's Pro models too, which is really important for the computational aspects of iPhone photography. 

Other iPhone upgrades expected this year include the new USB-C charging port, and the device is expected to debut at the usual annual iPhone event in September, just a few weeks away!

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