iPhone 15's USB-C upgrade is coming to the earphones nobody uses

EarPods on an iPhone 4
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The iPhone 15 models are getting USB-C ports on the bottom – this we've known for some time. Now, to go with the upgrade on the phones, Apple is attaching a USB-C plug on the end of the wired earphones that no one uses anymore, the EarPods.

Apple leaker ShrimpApplePro on Twitter confirms in a tweet about MFI cables that the EarPods are getting the upgrade, saying they've been in mass production for a while.

Lets not get our hopes up for included earphones

It makes sense as to why Apple would be putting a USB-C plug on the EarPods; if it didn't, then the product would no longer make sense. But do the EarPods even make sense in the long run anyway, given that no one gets them in the box anymore?

Like the charging brick, what was once a staple part of opening up an iPhone box has long been lost to the annals of iPhone history. Now, in a world of AirPods Pro 2 and the best Bluetooth true-wireless in-ear buds, it almost feels like the world has moved beyond a need for the EarPods, USB-C or not.

Yet as all things in the Apple camp move to the new plug standard, so too do some of its legacy products. If nothing else, you'll still be able to get a pair of Apple-branded earphones for less than $100, which is always a bonus.

These new MFI-certified cables and EarPhones all but confirm that which we already knew as well, adding more weight to the idea that the iPhone 15 Pro and the rest of its family will have the new connection standard. If you didn't know, MFI is Apple's way of confirming that a cable or accessory is safe to use with an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple product. A little peace of mind as it were.

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