iPhone 16 set to come with the same color-infused back glass as iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 Plus in all of its available colours.
(Image credit: Apple)

According to a new rumor, the upcoming iPhone 16 will sport the same color-infused back glass as iPhone 15. While there will be some design changes on the new device, things will look pretty similar to the best iPhone.

This comes according to the Weibo-based tipster known as "Fixed focus digital." The user claims that Apple plans to roll out this same glassy glamour to the iPhone 16, and in potentially more colors.

In the report, the source also reckons there'll be seven colors available to pick from on the standard iPhone 16 models, up from last year’s five. The iPhone 15 arrived with the new colors of Pink, and Green. That means you can pick up the handset in Black, Pink, Green, Yellow, and Blue. Perhaps Apple will bring back the (PRODUCT)RED and Purple options from previous devices. There was no word on potential colors for the Pro devices.

What's this black glass like?

Last year, Apple introduced a custom dual-ion exchange glass process for the more budget-friendly iPhone 15 models. This process gave the back glass a rather posh frosted effect, which not only looks smashing but also feels rather fancy in hand. The main spiel from Apple described this glass as having "colour infused throughout the back glass," creating a "luxurious, textured matte finish." It felt more premium for users to hold, and gave the cheaper model its signature stand-out color design.

If Apple sticks to its usual playbook, we should see the iPhone 16 series making its grand entrance around mid-September. Whether this rumor pans out or not, it’s clear that Apple is keen on keeping the iPhone as trendy as ever. Although, Weibo sources are somewhat new to the game of Apple predictions, so perhaps take this news with a pinch of salt.

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