The ultimate iPhone gaming controller is even cheaper for Cyber Monday

Backbone One iPhone Gaming Controller
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The Backbone One Gaming Controller was down to $75 for Black Friday but has now had more sliced off the price in the run up to Cyber Monday. Buy it now for just $63.69 at Amazon, that's a massive discount of 36% and the cheapest it's ever been by a long way. 

A good iPhone controller can make your phone a brilliant portable gaming machine.  Whether you love playing games on your iPhone from Apple Arcade, Xbox Game Pass (xCloud), PlayStation Remote, or any other platform having a high-quality controller can make you a gaming god instead of a frustrated player. 

The best gaming controller for iPhone is the Backbone One. This is not a one-size-fits all controller, this was designed specifically for iPhone. There isn't even an Android version out yet. In our Backbone One review, we discussed how this is the gaming controller that Apple should have made for iPhone since it offers comfortable controls as well as several other convenient features.

Backbone One iPhone Gaming Controller | Now $63.69 at Amazon

<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">Backbone One iPhone Gaming Controller | (Was $100) Now $63.69 at Amazon

Slide your iPhone into position and give yourself comfortable controls on either side of your screen. You'll be able to play any games with controller support and can even deep link into the PlayStation app to play games remotely. 

All you have to do is slide your iPhone on and allow the sides of the controller to squeeze against the device. It holds in place, turning your iPhone into a pseudo-Nintendo Switch. The Backbone One pulls a minimal amount of power from your iPhone in order to work, but also offers pass-through charging so you can plug into the port and keep your iPhone's battery up while you play. 

This purchase also comes with a one-month subscription to Backbone+, which gives players access to the Backbone app. It allows owners to easily purchase games or organize their existing library of games. Not to mention, this service makes it easy to interact with other Backbone+ users, screen record, and play on any screen. You can really immerse yourself in the mobile gaming experience that way. 

Recently, Sony partnered with Backbone to make this an officially licensed product for its games. By taking the proper steps, players can deep link into the PlayStation app to install games and play PlayStation games remotely on iPhone. If you use and iPhone and own a Playstation then this is a brilliant product, it's an even better gift it you know someone who owns both. 

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