Is it snowing in your area? Your iPhone won't be able to tell you

Weather app on iPhone
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iPhone users have been reporting a strange bug on the Lock Screen, where a Weather widget shows a broken file icon when it’s snowing in their area.

Since iOS 16, you’ve been able to place a bunch of widgets onto an iPhone’s Lock Screen. These can be very helpful in checking off to-do tasks, quickly launching a favorite app, or even checking the Weather.

However, it’s not useful if it starts snowing nearby and your iPhone lets you know with a broken file icon. It’s not clear yet if this can be fixed on Apple’s side as a server fix, or as a future iOS update. But at iMore, this isn’t the only issue some on the team have noticed plaguing our iPhones lately.

Bugs snowing through the cracks — iMore’s take

Since updating to iOS 17.1 on my iPhone, I’ve been experiencing some random issues. For example, notifications arrive long after they’ve been dismissed or dealt with on another Apple device. Or AirPods like to disconnect from an iPhone, causing me to have to manually reconnect them in Control Center.

When it comes to the file icon bug, it's a shame. I've loved creating a bunch of Lock Screens with widgets since iOS 16. So to see broken widgets is very un-Apple-like.

Tammy, our Senior Writer, finds that when she sees a bunch of notifications on her iPhone’s Lock Screen, she unlocks her iPhone and they all disappear. This all may be a fleeting issue, however, as it turns out our How To Editor is running iOS 17.2 beta and has experienced none of these bugs.

So while these all may be a temporary issue, it’s a bunch of annoying bugs that dampen the experience. This is especially true when I’ve been enjoying my new iPhone 15 Pro Max and its greatly improved camera and 5x zoom lens.

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  • Annie_M
    Interesting. I'm not seeing this at all.
  • EdwinG
    I have been affected by this defect.
  • Wotchered
    If it's snowing in your area, you've probably noticed by now ! and if it's snowing somewhere else, it doesn't matter...
  • EdwinG
    Apparently, it’s snowing at the airport.

    Usually, at work, I have the full screen weather wallpaper, which is not broken.