More iPhone 16 dummy units seemingly confirm new design for the next iPhone

iPhone 16 Dummy Units in silver
(Image credit: Majin Bu)

A few weeks after photos of dummy iPhone 16 units were shared, more models have surfaced. The new mock-devices show the same design as before, seemingly confirming the design of the upcoming iPhone 16.

The new iPhone line-up has been leaking in a number of ways over the last few months. And this second lot of dummy units shows consistency with previous leaks. It seems most likely that this is what the iPhone 16 will look like. On this new device, the biggest addition is the rumored Capture button.

Second time's the charm

These new iPhone 16 dummy units have been shared by Twitter tipster Majin Bu. The account has a track-record when it comes to Apple leaks, and has previously shared other information on the next best iPhone.

Apple seems to be adding another new button to the iPhone, as rumors have long suggested a so-called Capture button will debut this year. If the units are accurate to what Apple will ship this fall, the Capture button will take the spot below the power button on the right side of the device, where US iPhone owners would normally find the mmWave antenna. That matches previous reports.

It also appears that the button won't be small like the Action button but rather much larger, similar to the power button in length. It still isn't confirmed exactly what the Capture button will be capable of, but it's suspected that it may behave in a similar way to a shutter button on a DSLR camera. If so, users will be able to lightly press the Capture button to begin the focusing process before pressing it more firmly to capture the shot.

If Apple follows its usual release pattern, it's likely that the new iPhones will be announced in September before being released for sale around 10 days later. It's also expected that Apple will announce the new Apple Watch X and potentially a refreshed Apple Watch Ultra during the same timeframe.

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