Samsung can't stop trying to troll Apple's iPhone 14 with "clever" tweets

Samsung ad mocking Apple iPhone 14
(Image credit: Samsung)

Apple released the iPhone 14 series of phones recently, and everybody has been talking about it. None more than Samsung, though. Samsung's US Mobile Twitter account has been making a lot of tweets about the new phones, all with the same old joke about innovation (or the apparent lack thereof.)

This is not the first time Samsung has tried to dunk on the iPhone 14 series of phones. A few days before the event, Samsung made the same joke with an ad called "Buckle up." After the launch, Samsung seems to have dug into its never-ending stash of Apple-mocking ads, and come out with a series of tweets.

Samsung mocks Apple for having no foldables, and only 48 megapixels

All the tweets share the same idea of how Samsung did it first, and how Apple is playing catch-up. The ads also have a day counter to show exactly how late Apple is to some of Samsung's innovations. 

Samsung seems to be relying on its first-mover advantage in the foldable phone segment to ask Apple why the company hasn't made foldable yet. It is also asking Apple why it only has 48MP cameras while Samsung has been using 108MP cameras for a while. 

There's no doubt that Samsung has some great cameras on its phones, and makes great foldable phones. However, this marketing comes off as a little unnecessary, especially thanks to Samsung's history of removing such tweets and ads after it does something it previously mocked Apple for, like removing the charging brick, or the headphone jack.

In any case, we can expect these tweets to disappear after a few months as per usual. Samsung could use a little refresh for its social media strategy, though, especially since Apple has never responded to any of Samsung's shade. Apple seems to love leaving Samsung on "Read."

Palash Volvoikar

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