Samsung removes ads that trolled Apple over removing headphone jack after it does the same thing

iPhone 7
iPhone 7

What you need to know

  • Samsung is trying to scrub the record of its making fun of Apple for removing the headphone jack.
  • That's because it is now doing the same thing with its Galaxy Note 10.
  • However, the ad is still up on its Malaysian channel so you can still watch it and have a chuckle.

Remember when Apple first removed the headphone jack from the iPhone and Samsung couldn't help but run a national ad campaign making fun of it? Well now it has to pay the piper because it is now removing the headphone jack from its phones and quietly removing these ads. However, thanks to a bad job by Samsung, they're still around.

First spotted by Business Insider, Samsung has removed the video called "Growing Up" from its main U.S. YouTube channels:

Business Insider found that the advert has been removed from the Samsung Mobile USA page, which has nearly 1.8 million subscribers. It is also not available on the main Samsung channel, which has 3.8 million followers. You can still see the Samsung Mobile USA YouTube page that hosted the advert via internet archive Way Back Machine.

In the ad a long time iPhone user begins to grow frustrated with the iPhone's lack of waterproofing or expandable storage. It isn't until Apple removes the headphone jack that the user ditches the iPhone and gets a Samsung Galaxy.

Though Samsung is trying to scrub every record of this ad, it still hasn't quite done so. The ad is still on its Malaysian YouTube page.

Apple tends to be the subject of many competitor's negative ad campaigns. But seeing as it is also the trendsetter, most of these companies just end up following Apple's lead in a few years anyway.

Apple was the first to remove the headphone jack, and it received a healthy dose of criticism for it. Now every major smartphone marker has done so. The last holdout was Samsung. Well, this is its mea culpa moment.

Danny Zepeda