This AI app update for iPhone turns ChatGPT into your own Apple Music DJ

Petey 2.1 on iPhone and Apple Watch
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Petey, the ChatGPT app that you can use on both iPhone and Apple Watch, got yet another upgrade today (April 24), where it can create playlists and add songs for you, right within Apple Music.

Since its debut in February, it's become one of the most common ways to access OpenAI's tool on Apple's mobile devices without requiring to sign up for an account. It's still a matter of buying the app for $4.99 / £4.99 and asking Petey a bunch of random questions.

With the latest 2.1 update, it goes one step, two steps, a spin, and a moonwalk further, where you can ask it to be your own DJ when you've gotten bored of Apple Music's own machine learning playlists.

We've spoken with its developer, Hidde van der Ploeg before about developing Petey and where he sees the ChatGPT service going, especially with WWDC 2023 on the horizon. However, these updates are making Siri and other assistants more irrelevant with every update, and more fun to use.

When TLC and ChatGPT met

Petey Apple Music playlist on iPhone

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Yet again, it's a simple affair in Petey 2.1 - we asked it to give us a playlist of all the UK Number One hits from 1999, and in one fell swoop, after enabling the feature, gave us an Apple Music playlist of every track - from Cher to Westlife.

Around the time of Apple Music's launch in 2015, you could ask Siri what the Number One track in the charts was, and it would not only accurately answer this, but play the track in question. For some reason, Apple switched this off a few years later, and it's another example where ChatGPT not only does this very request, but better.

While Petey gives the option to add this to Apple Music, it would be great to find a way for this to be done for Spotify and other music providers too. The situations for this speak for themselves - if you're in the middle of hosting a party, for example, you could quickly ask Petey to rustle up a playlist to set the mood, especially if there's a theme for this party.

But it's only the start of what Petey and ChatGPT could be capable of. The same could apply to watching documentaries, for example, crawling through videos on YouTube and giving a result for the best Star Trek documentary.

Time will tell if Ploeg is able to implement something like this, but after the rapid pace of updates to the app in recent weeks, it may be a matter of when, not if the next big use for AI in our daily lives comes along. 

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