This iPhone lasted an entire week underwater after its owner saved a life

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In a lake near Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil, some student divers were exploring the depths when their instructor, Edinho Rocha spotted a shape amongst the rocks and sand of the lake floor. It was an iPhone.

G1 broke the story on the iPhone after Edinho created a video that he shared on social media. After discovering the iPhone turned on, he turned to his followers to help find its owner. Around 17,000 views later, the owner was found. A student by the name of Breno Rafael – whose story is more interesting than the iPhone seven meters beneath the lake.

iPhone survives seven meters of water

A week before the iPhone was found, Breno was Kayaking when he saw a girl drowning. With his iPhone in a vest pocket, he lept into the lake to save the girl. In Breno's words, via G1:

"I was on Lake Paranoá doing a kayak trip when I saw a girl drowning, asking for help. I immediately jumped out of the kayak to help her. I was wearing a vest and with my cell phone. I jumped to help, managed to take the girl to the shore of the lake "

Obviously, Breno's iPhone was the last thing on his mind as he got to the lakeshore, but when he looked again to find his iPhone, all hope was lost. It's a big lake, after all, and searching would take forever. That is until that fateful student diving trip.

After seeing the Social post, Breno reached out to Edinho. The pair met, and the iPhone was exchanged. As soon as Breno unlocked the blocked iPhone, it was obvious who the owner was. It's impressive that the iPhone survived its journey and stayed in the deep, but let's be honest – If anyone deserves to get their iPhone back, it's someone like Breno.

It does speak volumes about the hardiness of today's best iPhones, however, we still can't recommend using yours in the shower. The iPhone in this case, an iPhone 11, is IP68 water resistant. That means, in theory, that the iPhone is good for two meters of depth for up to 30 minutes. The iPhone 14 retains that water resistance. While stories like this might paint a better picture of the iPhone's water resistance, it's worth not pushing things too far. Again, no iPhone showers.

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