TORRAS MagSafe Power Bank review: Power up on the go

Snap one of these on the back on your iPhone so you won't run out of power.

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iMore Verdict

The TORRAS MagSafe Power Bank is all you need to charge up your iPhone or AirPods wirelessly, plus other devices via cable.


  • +

    Two size and color options

  • +

    MagSafe plus wired charging

  • +

    Ring grip/stand

  • +

    Doesn't get hot


  • -

    Somewhat pricey

  • -

    Grip isn't super comfortable

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We love a good MagSafe battery to charge up your best iPhone and other devices on the go. The TORRAS MagSafe Power Bank has plenty of features and enough juice to ensure you make it through even your busiest days. 

It's simple enough to use, just charge it up via USB-C cable and then pop it onto the back of your iPhone. It will start charging automatically at up to 15W. LED lights on the back let you know how much juice is left in the tank. It does not get hot as it charges your iPhone, like many MagSafe chargers do.

A 360-degree ring grip on the back helps you keep a good grip on your iPhone even with the added bulk of the battery. It also functions as a stand, either horizontally or vertically. 

The functionality doesn't end there. If your AirPods are MagSafe compatible, you can charge them that way on the TORRAS MagSafe Power Bank. The USB-C port is also a 20W charger than be used to charge any number of devices. It comes in both 5,000mAh and 10,000mAh versions, so you can decide whether you prefer less bulk or more power.

TORRAS MagSafe Battery Pack lifestyle image

(Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / Future)

TORRAS MagSafe Power Bank: Price and availability

You can find the TORRAS MagSafe Power Bank on Amazon. There are two different sizes, both of which come in black or white. The smaller one is 5,000mAh and retails for $60. The larger one is 10,000mAh and costs $80. 

TORRAS MagSafe Power Bank: Specs and features

The 5,000mAh version is pretty slim, just a bit thicker than an iPhone at 0.45 inches. It weighs just 4.6 ounces. You're not going to get a full charge from a small battery like this, but I was able to charge my iPhone 15 Pro Max exactly halfway. 

The 10,000mAh version is thicker, 0.65 inches, and weighs in at 7.23 ounces. While it's physically bigger and bulkier, that also means I was able get a full charge on my iPhone.

TORRAS MagSafe Battery Pack lifestyle image

(Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / Future)

But this is more than a simple MagSafe battery. Yes, you can MagSafe charge your iPhone (any model from the iPhone 12 series forward) or AirPods (if you have a MagSafe compatible charging case). Of course you can also charge an older iPhone wirelessly, it just won't snap on and stick like a MagSafe compatible iPhone will. 

Additionally, you can use the two-way USB-C charging port to charge other devices, such as other phones and headphones that can charge via cable. You just have to remember to bring a cable with you. The TORRAS MagSafe Power Bank does come with a short USB-C to USB-C cable. It charges at up to 15W wirelessly or up to 20W wired. I actually used it to charge my iPad mini as well. It even has a trickle charging mode specifically designed for headphones, you just need to hold down the power button for two seconds to activate it. 

TORRAS MagSafe Battery Pack lifestyle image

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One thing I really like about the TORRAS MagSafe Power Bank is that it doesn't get hot while in use like some MagSafe batteries do. This is more than just a comfort issue (though no one wants a hot battery in their pocket.) Heat deteriorates the long-term health of your iPhone's battery, so we don't recommend using any sort of charger that makes your iPhone feel noticeably hot.

TORRAS MagSafe Power Bank: Build and looks

TORRAS MagSafe Battery Pack lifestyle image

(Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / Future)

The TORRAS MagSafe Battery Pack fits in nicely with the iPhone aesthetic. It looks good with your iPhone. I do like that it comes in both black and white, because many of us have a strong preference for one or the other when it comes to our tech. 

TORRAS MagSafe Battery Pack lifestyle image

(Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / Future)

The ring on the back is quite handy. It spins around 360 degrees, so you can use it to get a better grip on your iPhone while it charges. However, it's not the most comfortable phone grip in the hand that I've ever used, and I've used quite a few. As a stand, it's great. Stand it up vertically for FaceTime calls or video shorts. Place it horizontally for longer videos or utilizing StandBy mode. Either way, it's sturdy. The ring is quite slim so it doesn't add significant bulk.


The Anker MagGo Power Bank (10K) connected to an iPhone 15 Pro on a wooden bookshelf

(Image credit: Gerald Lynch / Future)

We reviewed the Anker MagGo Power Bank and loved the kickstand, fast charging, and digital display that show exactly how much power it has left. The display really makes it stand out, because most battery packs just have LED lights like the TORRAS MagSafe Power Bank does to indicate the approximate battery level remaining.

U by UAG Lucent Power Battery with Kickstand lifestyle

(Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

The U by UAG Lucent Power Battery is another slim option with a kickstand. It even comes in some fun colors, though you might need to go directly to UAG's website to find the full-color palette. When I reviewed it, I noted that it was able to charge devices both wirelessly and via cable, like the TORRAS MagSafe Power Bank. 

TORRAS MagSafe Power Bank: Should you buy it?

You should buy this if ...

  • You want MagSafe charging for your iPhone 12 or newer
  • You need power on the go for multiple devices
  • You want a grip/stand for use while charging

You shouldn't buy this if ...

  • It's not in your budget
  • You want other colors besides black and white
  • A comfortable phone grip is important to you

TORRAS MagSafe Power Bank: Verdict

TORRAS MagSafe Power Bank on an iPhone 15 Pro Max in StandBy mode

(Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / Future)

It's easy to recommend the TORRAS MagSafe Power Bank to just about anyone, particularly someone whose iPhone has MagSafe capability — it's easily joined the ranks of the best portable batteries for iPhone. You can top off your iPhone or AirPods wirelessly, but you can also charge any number of devices via USB-C cable. Unlike many wireless power banks, this one does not get hot or heat up your iPhone as it charges. This is an important feature, since heat damages your iPhone's battery.

The circular grip/stand on the back lets you hold your iPhone securely as it charges or prop it up. The ring stand works equally well vertically or horizontally (which allows StandBy mode.)

Choosing which size to buy is a trade-off. For everyday use, I prefer the smaller one, even if it doesn't charge me up all the way. It's easy to pop into a small bag and it's enough power to get me through in a pinch. However, if you know you're going to need a full charge cycle, it will be worth getting the larger and more expensive 10,000mAh version.

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