iPod touch EasyPay POS May Soon Be Used by Other Retailers

Ever since Apple rolled out their iPod touch based EasyPay POS to some of it's retail stores they have been flooded with inquires from other retailers looking to get in on the Apple goodness. It was just a a few short weeks ago that certain Apple retail stores ditched their crash prone Windows CE + stylus based EasyPay point-of-sale devices and since then it has raised the curiosity of other retailers.


blockquote> "Since the debut of the iPod POS, inquires have been coming from all directions, including from end-user small businesses, larger chains and system integrators. Until now, Apple's response has been that the iPod POS is a proprietary product, unavailable for sale," Allen said. "But now, tipsters say, Apple retail executives have asked the retail store business specialists to collect contact information from anyone who inquires about the iPod touch system, apparently to create a database of potential customers if Apple decides to commercialize the product."

The EasyPay POS system is capable of handling all cash, credit, and debit transactions along with some product returns. Would this be an Apple-like move to sell this device for other retailers to use? Sound off in the comments!

IM Staff

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