Could all the rumors -- and even Kevin Rose -- have been right? Will we see a longer, widescreen iPod Nano that brings the candy-bar shape back? MacRumors rounds up some "leaked" "case designs" that suggest maybe they are -- or merely that even the Chinese read Kevin Rose's blog? Roughly Drafted, on the other hand points out that a new aspect ration for the screen might cause problems for existing iPod formatted videos and games.

Wilder still is the rumor that the next generation iPod Touch might just beef up its LocationServices with... GPS. Lacking the cell radio of the iPhone, it probably wouldn't be aGPS (which uses the cell towers to pre-crunch, and thus really speed up, GPS location discovery), but it would certainly supercharge the current, WiFi only offering.

So, will we be seeing tall-boy Nano's and GPS Touches? And more importantly, will they finally feature Phasers?! September cometh!