The iRig Pads Editor for Mac lets you customize your groove

iRig Pads Editor for Mac is the latest software effort from IK Multimedia, the company behind popular music hardware like the iRig 2 mobile guitar interface for iPhone and iPad. The app allows you to customize IK Multimedia's iRig Pads portable MIDI groove controller hardware, which connects to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

While iRig Pads comes with several grooves pre-installed, the Editor lets you customize the controller to your exact tastes. You can reassign different controls and features, with each of the Pads' controllers and surfaces can be assigned any MIDI command. MIDI messages supported include Note, Program Change, Control Change, MIDI System Real Time and MIDI Machine Control.

iRig Pads Editor is available now available as a free download to all registered iRig Pads owners in IK Multimedia's User Area. The iRig Pads MIDI controller is available for $149.

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