Iron Maiden shreds its way to Angry Birds Evolution

Fans of the iconic heavy metal band Iron Maiden get an extra special treat this Halloween season. Eddie the Head, the band's undead mascot, is a playable character Eddie the Bird in Angry Birds Evolution.

It gets even better. Eddie the Bird will evolve, representing four different versions of Eddie from Maiden's albums: Killers, Powerslave, Somewhere in Time and Book of Souls. The game's player map, Bird Island, will also get a Halloween theme in the form of a metal makeover, "with a land full of hair-raising and loving tributes to Eddie, Iron Maiden, and the heavy metal universe." This makes me giggle with joy.

While playing the game now through October 31, you have the chance to recruit Eddie the Bird to your team. If you succeed, Eddie stays in your arsenal for all-time and you can watch him morph into the Eddie we know and love today.

I wonder if they're going to add some Maiden songs to the in-game soundtrack?

Sometime next year, Eddie the Bird will make its way to Maiden's official mobile RPG, Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast, due out next year.

There's also, supposedly, some Eddie the Bird merchandizing coming soon to a retailer near you. Might be the first time I ever buy an Angry Birds toy.

In the meantime, if you're an Angry Birds Evolution player, and also a fan of Iron Maiden, don't rack up Wasted Years playing a boring old non-metal themed game. Run to the Hills and get on board with The Number of the Beast in Angry Birds Evolution (man, I'm funny).

Lory Gil

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