It looks like Apple Pay is down, preventing you from paying your Apple Card bill

Apple Card Wallet app on iOS
Apple Card Wallet app on iOS (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • An Apple Pay outage is causing some Apple Card problems.
  • Users are unable to pay their bill.
  • They are also unable to lock or unlock their card, request a new or replacement card, or get a new number.

An Apple Pay outage is causing Apple Card problems, leaving users unable to pay their bills or lock their cards.

As 9to5Mac reports:

Apple says that an ongoing outage is preventing some Apple Card users from paying their bill and accessing other features in the Wallet app on iOS. The outage started at around 8:45 a.m. ET.Apple writes on its System Status webpage:Some users may not be able to pay their Apple Card bill, lock/unlock their physical card, request a new or replacement physical card, or request a new card number.It's unclear how widespread this outage is, but Apple's System Status tool indicates that "some users are affected." Apple, unfortunately, doesn't offer any information more specific than that.

The outage is confined to the U.S., the only place where Apple Card is available, however, it is unclear whether the issue is nationwide, or only affecting specific states or regions.

As noted, Apple's webpage confirms that users won't be able to pay their Apple Card bill currently. Perhaps more worryingly, they won't be able to lock or unlock their physical card in case it goes missing or is stolen. Users are also unable to request a new or replacement card or get a new card number.

There is no indication as to what is causing the issue, or how long it may take to fix. The website simply states that the problem started at 8:45 am ET and that the issue is currently "ongoing.

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