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The rumors surrounding Apple Watch Series 7 are beginning to solidify, and we're hearing more about what we should expect from the next big thing in Apple wearables. But instead of hearing all about new features, we're hearing about whether we will be able to actually buy one of these things this month — and that might very much depend on how lucky you are.

We've heard rumors of later that had Apple Watch Series 7 production being ... problematic. Talk of the all-new design causing production problems meant that some of us thought Apple might now announce the new watch for a little while. But a new report out over the weekend suggests that isn't the case at all. Instead, Apple might announce the watch this month and make it available in limited quantities — or delay specific models entirely. It isn't clear which route Apple will go, but none of it fills me with confidence that buying an Apple Watch Series 7 on launch day will be a fun affair.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, writing in his weekly Power On newsletter:

I'm led to believe that we'll see an announcement during the usual September event alongside the iPhone, but there will be a mix of the models shipping late or in small quantities.

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Me? I'm not so sure how I feel about all of that. All of this means that we could get an Apple Watch announced, but no product available to buy. Or we could see Apple hold back some versions of its hot new wearable. Or, who knows — the number of launch countries could be slashed to help keep stock here Apple thinks it's needed most. Whatever happens, I think I'd rather Apple hold off until it has the inventory to do this launch properly. Apple hardware is always in short supply around launch time. It could be even worse in terms of the Apple Watch Series 7 if these rumors are true.

With its flat sides, flatter display, and smaller bezels, Apple Watch Series 7 is sure to be the best Apple Watch ever. But none of that matters if people can't strap them to their wrists because of shortages.

We're normally talking about iPhones when dealing with shortages, and there is still plenty of chance that will be the case this year, too. But with Apple Watch Series 7 arguably the more interesting release, all eyes will be on what Apple comes up with. It's time for Tim Cook to bring all that logistics knowledge to bear. And big time.