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What you need to know

  • It looks like Apple News is down!
  • There's a huge spike on Downdector in the last hour.
  • The app states that there's a server or network problem and that the News feed is unavailable.

This story has been updated, after a temporary outage, it looks like Apple News might be back online!

It looks like Apple News and the Today feed might be back online, after a temporary outage early this morning.

There was a huge spike on Downdetector in the last hour or so starting at around 4 am ET. When opening the Apple News app you received the following message:

Feed Unavailable

"There may be a problem with the server or network. Please try again later."

There are also scattered reports on Twitter from several users across the UK and beyond.

News OutageSource: Downdetector

As you can see from the graph above, there's been a large spike in reports that Apple News is down, and the map below shows these are concentrated in both the UK and parts of the US. It's unclear if this is just a temporary glitch or a more severe outage.

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Applenews OutageSource: Downdetector

Apple's System Status support page is not currently showing any issues, however, Apple may well update this going forward.

If you're experiencing similar issues, let us know in the comments or on Twitter where you are and what you're seeing so that we can update this story!

In the UK at least, Apple News reportedly had around 11 million users per month as of December 2019. In fact, it's so popular in the country that during the run-up to the UK election even the BBC struggled to compete with the service. That report noted that more than a quarter of online users in the UK rely on aggregators for online news, including Apple and Google news. One social media manager at a British news site claimed that if Apple News picked up one of its stories, it could be worth "a million views in the UK alone."

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