It's time to get excited for new iPhones, iPads, and Macs

Tim Cook
Tim Cook (Image credit: Apple)

Apple Event Peek Performance

Apple Event Peek Performance (Image credit: Apple)

Welcome to March, everybody! Honestly, I can't even believe it's already March 2022, but here we are. Time flies by way too fast, am I right? But since it's March, spring is coming, and so is an Apple event, so let's dive right in.

A big week for Apple

Even though there was a lot of speculation that we wouldn't be having an Apple event given the state of current world events and no invite drop last Tuesday, Apple psyched us all out. On Wednesday, six days before the rumored event, Apple finally dropped the invite for March 8, which is just two days from now! The event is titled "Peek Performance" and we're definitely expecting a new iPhone SE, iPad Air, and at least one new Mac.

But the title, Peek Performance, brings about some additional speculation. Could the "peek" be referring to an Apple VR headset coming in the future? Even if that's the case, I highly doubt we'll be seeing it any time soon. After all, while there were several rumors that a new product like a VR headset would possibly launch towards the end of 2022, there are also other conflicting reports that it has been delayed until at least 2023. Regardless, Tuesday may give us a small clue as to what we should expect in terms of Apple VR, if any.

New iPhone SE on the way

Iphone Se 2020 Hero

Iphone Se 2020 Hero (Image credit: iMore)

One of the things we are definitely expecting at the Peek Performance event is an updated iPhone SE 3. We shouldn't be surprised to see it being brought up to speed to today's standards with 5G connectivity and perhaps a new chip. While we definitely shouldn't expect the A15 chip that is in the best iPhone, the iPhone 13 lineup, it should at least get bumped up to A14.

I am hoping for more than just those minor improvements though. As I wrote in my iPhone SE 3 wish list, I would like to see a new design and some more camera upgrades. While I understand that one of the selling points for the iPhone SE is the fact that it still retains a Home button for those who don't want to switch over to Face ID, it would be cool if Apple moved Touch ID to the side button like with the iPad Air 4. That way, one could get more on the screen at once without sacrificing Touch ID. But of course, those people may also just prefer the Home button because of the familiarity of navigating with it. I mean, I hope for a new design, but it's probably just a pipe dream.

I'm the type of power user who gets the Pro model each year, so the iPhone SE is not something I plan on purchasing, however, it would be nice to see it get bumped up to modern specs.

Center Stage for the iPad Air

iPad Air 4

iPad Air 4 (Image credit: Lory Gil / iMore)

Another product that we are certain to get is an updated iPad Air. While we have still been recommending the iPad Air as the best iPad for most people, there's no doubt that it has been getting a little long in the tooth as far as features are concerned. After all, the iPad Pro, iPad mini, and even the base iPad all had updates in the past year, so it only makes sense for the iPad Air to shine this time around.

Our own Adam Oram wrote up his iPad Air 5 wish list, so I would recommend giving that a read. But basically, we want to see Center Stage, 5G connectivity, and an upgraded chip for the iPad Air 5, of course. But will Apple go with an A15 Bionic or M1? It could go either way since the iPad Air is kind of a middle ground for the iPad lineup, but we're leaning toward the A15. We'll likely find out Tuesday!

At least one M2 Mac, perhaps a 13-inch MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro With M1 Chip

Macbook Pro With M1 Chip (Image credit: iMore)

Finally, we should expect at least one Mac with a new M2 chip, and according to recent rumors, it may be the 13-inch MacBook Pro. This would be a slight spec bump over the original M1 that launched in 2020 and it could become the next best MacBook that money can buy.

Our writer, Bryan Wolfe, wrote up what he wants to see in the next 13-inch MacBook Pro, so check that out if you haven't already. We should not see any major design changes, so the Touch Bar should remain, and there shouldn't be any notches in the display. If you were planning on getting a 13-inch MacBook Pro soon, you may want to hold off until after Tuesday.

A smaller event, but still exciting things to come

Apple's spring events aren't as big as its summer WWDC keynotes or even the fall, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any fun things to get excited over. I'm always going to be excited for a new iPhone, even if it's not one I'm purchasing myself, and it's good to see products that are lagging behind a bit get caught up.

Let's all get some rest and get ready for a fun Tuesday! Until next time.

- Christine Romero-Chan

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