Jamf Apple Enterprise ManagementSource: Jamf

What you need to know

  • Jamf just announced iOS Device Compliance.
  • It'll allow IT teams to enjoy Jamf iOS device management alongside Microsoft's device management suite.
  • It's available as part of a closed preview now.

Jamf today announced that it is extending its collaboration with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security with the launch of iOS Device Compliance. That sounds like a mouthful and it really is, but it could also be a big deal for IT teams who continue to struggle with the need to bring iOS devices into businesses that are primarily run on Microsoft device management systems.

Jamf says that with people working remotely more and more, organizations need a better solution in terms of managing devices. And it thinks it has the answer, at least for iOS devices. Say hello to iOS Device Compliance.

Through this offering, organizations are empowered to choose Jamf for iOS management while also sharing important device information, like compliance status, with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. IT teams can utilize Jamf features for Apple ecosystem management, while leveraging Conditional Access powered by Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Endpoint Manager to ensure that only trusted users from compliant devices, using approved apps, are able to access company data.

With this implemented, IT teams will be able to ensure that users don't bring any old iOS device onto their networks and access data. Instead, they can handle device authorization and use Conditional Access to ensure only compliant devices are allowed in.

Organizations already enjoy the ability to leverage Conditional Access on macOS devices, by sharing inventory data from Jamf with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Today's announcement of an expanded collaboration adds iOS support. Now IT teams can prevent an authorized user from using any macOS or iOS device that does not comply with security policies and leverage Jamf Self Service for remediation.

You can reach out to Jamf if that sounds like something your business can make use of. Again, it's only available as part of a private preview program right now, however.