Jamf Apple Enterprise ManagementSource: Jamf

What you need to know

  • Jamf has picked up a new company to help its device management business.
  • Mondada is a company out of Melbourne, Australia.
  • Its Kinobi app is designed for managing patching of the Apple platform.

Apple Enterprise Management firm Jamf just announced that it has picked up a new buy, with Australian firm Mondada joining the company. Founded in 2009, the company's Kinobi app is one of the "leading solutions in patch management for the Apple platform".

Jamf isn't saying yet what the purchase will mean or how it will be bringing its apps and capabilities under the Jamf brand, but the synergy between the two companies is pretty obvious.

Mondada, a five-person company based in Melbourne, Australia, was founded in 2009. The company's Kinobi patch management solutions integrate with Jamf Pro, allowing organizations to extend Jamf Pro's built-in patch management functionality to include all Mac applications within an environment. The Kinobi solutions aim to help organizations stay secure while taking away the headache of manually monitoring patch updates. By automating the monitoring and maintenance of application updates, Kinobi frees up IT to deliver the rich Apple experience that end users expect and focus on other strategic initiatives.

The buyout is still being approved by regulators and no information about the amount of money changing hands has been shared, either.

"We are excited to welcome Kinobi and the Mondada team to the Jamf family. Together, we will be able to save critical time for IT by streamlining the work required to maintain or update applications on macOS and provide additional visibility for compliance and compatibility while maintaining a seamless end-user experience," said Jason Wudi, chief technology officer, Jamf.