Japan's SoftBank Card now supports VISA on Apple Pay

Apple Pay Express Transit Japan
Apple Pay Express Transit Japan (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • SoftBank is getting a major Apple Pay update.
  • The Japanese bank now supports VISA payments through its SoftBank card.
  • It means users can make contactless payments, as well as top up commuter cards Suica and PASMO.

Japan's SoftBank today announced that it now supports VISA contactless payments through Apple Pay and its SoftBank card.

The bank said in a press release:

From May 18, 2022 (Wednesday), SoftBank Card set in Apple Pay will be able to make Visa touch payments, charge Suica and PASMO, and pay with Apple Pay online or in the app. It's even more convenient. (Translated)

The news means that customers of Japan's SoftBank Card can use devices like the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 to make contactless payments using their VISA cards wherever Apple Pay or contactless VISA touch payments are accepted.

The bank says that customers will now also be able to top up their Suica and PASMO cards and pay for goods online through storefronts and apps that accept Apple Pay. The bank further states that customers who have already set up their SoftBank Cards for Apple Pay will have access to Visa touch payments by May 31. Otherwise, they can simply delete the card from the Wallet App on iOS 15 and set it up again to get instant access.

Apple Pay is one of the best iPhone features for making secured payments both online and on-the-go and is more secure than regular contactless payment because it requires verification through either Touch ID or Face ID, or at the very least your phone's passcode. SoftBank's VISA card is a pre-paid card, and customers using Apple Pay will still earn SoftBank points.

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