iPad Pro and keyboardSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Jason Snell edits podcasts on his iPad Pro.
  • He's shown us his editing workflow in a new video.
  • Snell uses Ferrite and an Apple Pencil to create podcasts.

Podcaster and Apple journalist Jason Snell has long been editing shows on iPad Pro and I've always wondered exactly how he does it. And now he's shared a YouTube video that answers all of my questions and more. Probably all of yours, too.

The video runs for almost 17 minutes and gives us a great insight into how iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil, and the awesome Ferrite app can be used to create professional podcasts with what seems to be relative ease. I've never seen a podcast edited on a Mac, so I can't compare directly. But this seems surprisingly easy. Assuming you know what you're doing, which I don't!

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And of course, the entire video is Jason Snell explaining the process in a way only Jason Snell can.

I'd really suggest setting aside the time with a coffee and watching this through, especially if you're someone who has been editing podcasts on a Mac and wondered what life is like on the iPad side. I'd especially suggest watching if you're of the opinion that it's impossible to do real work on an iPad.

Nobody says that in 2020, do they?