Golden AirPods in use

What you need to know

  • The jeweler took standard AirPods and covered them in gold.
  • The AirPods were taken apart and reconstructed in the process.
  • They're still fully functional.

Apple doesn't make its own AirPods Edition, but if it did you can be pretty sure they wouldn't be cheap. Apparently still scarred by the $10,000 price tag of the Apple Watch Edition, Apple has left it to someone else to work their magic. And that's exactly what YouTube jeweler Pablo Cimadevila has done.

We've seen plenty of high end, gold plated iPhones in the past but we don't often get to see the manufacturing process. This time Cimadevila brings us along for the ride and the video is as amazing to watch as the golden AirPods are to look at.

The finished result is what the jeweler calls Airgolds. But don't get too attached to them because you can't buy them. That's probably a good thing too. We can't imagine they'd stay in your ears with all that super slippery gold. If you're already paranoid about losing one of your AirPods, having one gold plated doesn't sound like a good idea to say the least.

This is not an [advertisement] and Airgolds are not for sell. The idea of ​​turning Airpods into gold is inspired by the campaign 'Think Different' that was an advertising slogan used from 1997 to 2002 by Apple.

You have to take your hat off to Cimadevila regardless of the practicality of the finished product. Taking AirPods apart without breaking them is no mean feat and reassembling them doesn't sound like a fun way to spend an afternoon either.