The Talk ShowSource: Daring Fireball

What you need to know

  • John Gruber has held his customary interview with Apple for WWDC.
  • He spoke with Craig Federigh and Greg Joswiak for 'The Talk Show'.
  • They discussed Apple silicon, macOS Big Sur, and more.

John Gruber has hosted his traditional episode of 'The Talk Show' starring Apple's Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak, remotely of course.

In the 90-minute video, the trio discussed WWDC 2020, Apple silicon, macOS 11 Big Sur, iOS iPadOS 14 and more.

The elephant in room, John began by asking about the App Store, which has been in the news a lot recently. Without referencing any specific instances, John asked whether Apple was listening to developer feedback about the App Store, and their position. Joswiak said they "absolutely" were, and said that looking back at what Apple had done at the App Store, Apple had revolutionized distribution and leveled the playing field for developers, changing everything. "All along the way we've tried to listen," he says, and that Apple had made a lot of changes along the way, noting changes to developer feedback and even the option of challenging Apple's rules.

They also discussed macOS as a standalone platform, Catalyst, and more. Craig Federighi noted that Apple had made the transition to macOS 11, to mark the significance of the software's very big design refresh and the move to Apple silicon.

He hailed the new Apple Developer Transition Kit, and the Mac Mini which features the A12Z chip for use by developers to manage the transition. Craig did confirm that Boot Camp would not be coming to ARM Macs but hinted that other solutions could be made available.

Craig also talked about Apple's employees "living" on Apple's betas, putting the designs through the wringer before they ever leave Apple's walls. The full interview is available below.