Apple Watch Series 6 Aluminum Blue Case Close UpSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Insurance Company John Hancock is offering a bargain Apple Watch Series 6 to customers.
  • $25 gets you an Apple Watch Series 6.
  • But you'll need to stay active to pay no more.

LIfe insurance company John Hancock is offering its customers the chance to bag an Apple Watch Series 6 for just $25 so long as they keep moving enough to earn it. Customers can also choose an Apple Watch SE if they'd prefer, too.

Put simply, people pay $25 to get their Apple Watch and then pay the remaining fee monthly. But those who exercise enough will see their monthly fee wiped out.

John Hancock Apple Watch DealSource: iMore

Earn your Apple Watch with John Hancock Vitality PLUS

Life insurance with the John Hancock Vitality Program rewards you for the healthy activities you do every day. And now you can earn the latest Apple Watch for an initial payment of just $25 plus tax when you become a John Hancock Vitality PLUS member. Simply exercise regularly to earn Vitality Points and see the cost of your Apple Watch go down. The more Vitality Points you earn, the less you'll pay each month

The move is one that could see people incentivized to exercise where they might otherwise not bother. If there's one great motivator, it's the chance to save money!

The amount of money people will save will depend on the amount of exercise they do.

John Hancock customers can sign up to get their Apple Watch easily enough. So what are you waiting for?