Join the discussion: Can someone "hack" my camera?

Cella using an iPhone with a lens accessory
Cella using an iPhone with a lens accessory (Image credit: iMore)

Recently, there have been plenty of rumors and speculation surrounding MacBook, iPhone, and other computer cameras: more specifically, if they can be remotely hacked and viewed from a different location.

While some people (like Mister Mark Zuckerberg) have taken to adding a tiny little piece of tape over their computer cameras, others are left asking one question: can someone actually hack my camera?!

A lot of people noticed a photo of Mark Zuckerberg covering his laptop camera with tape several months back, and it got me thinking... How credible is it that an external threat to take control of my FaceTime camera on a MacBook? Or come to think of it, any other apple device??


While some people say they don't actually mind if their tech is being hacked:

I don’t mind it. They will see at most the ceiling, the inside of my pockets or my face. None of them are credible threats to me. Oh, remotely enabling the microphone will only make them hear background noise, the tv or music that I’m playing. I am not worried.


Others say that camera hacking is totally possible for reals...

I'm completely sure that a hacker can easily hack into your camera. I know it's silly, but remember the second episode of Mr. Robot


What do you think? Can a camera be hacked remotely? Does it bother you at all? Join the discussion in the iMore forums and let us know your opinion and how you protect yourself against sneaky hackers that are looking to get into your iPhone's Camera app!

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