Old school alert: Do you still rock an iPod?

The iPod Nano and Shuffle had a great run, and they'll always have a special place in our hearts.

While it's true that we still love the iPod, some people have been quick to abandon it in the tremendous, multi-tasking shadow that is the iPhone, but we have to ask: do you still love your iPod?

Just wondered how many people still used a iPod, with apple music, photos, etc all syncing across devices I wouldn't think my little iPod Nano would be used much - however I find it comes with me quite a lot while driving or when I get the train or walk etc as I listen to a lot of podcast and have a few photos saved, battery last FOREVER too! What about you guys/girls?


It's no surprise that some people have said bye-bye to their iPods long before Apple discontinued the iPod Shuffle and Nano...

Not me either. Gave it to the kids years ago. No idea what happened to it.


While others are keen to keep on using their iPod, whatever version, as long as it's still working properly and pumpin' out killer tunes...

My youngest son uses my 6th gen iPod Touch. It’s a little workhorse.

Rob Phillips

But what do you think?

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