Join the discussion: iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: WHICH SHOULD I BUY!?

If you're someone who didn't upgrade the second the new iPhones came out, then you've had a number of months to admire from afar the features and qualities each iPhone has to offer.

But if someone came up to you and asked you point blank "IPHONE 7 OR IPHONE 7 PLUS?!", what would your answer be and why?

We're chatting in the forums to see if you should upgrade to the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus!

Hi all Please help this weekend I'm buying myself an iPhone Cause I didn't upgrade since the iPhone 5s, what I would really want to know which iPhone is the best between 7 & 7 plus?


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  • Yesterday I went to my local Apple store and early upgraded my iPhone 7 for a (Product)RED 7 Plus. My thinking, ..and I'm sure that some will call it flawed, is that for my use I will not notice the processor speed of the new 7 Plus, And I love the extra screen size. And I will be able to upgrade to the iPhone 8 or what ever they call it next May. By that time the "bugs" should have been worked out.
  • Size aside, the extra GB of RAM and the improved camera made the Plus valuable to me. The screen size? That 5.5" is about standard for flagship devices now, if not getting to be on the lower end...
  • I think it all depends if you take a lot of pictures and can handle the extra size. I went with the 7 because for me, the 7 has a great camera and having OIS made it a much easier choice. The plus is just too large with the excess bezels for a 5.5" device.
  • I've never regret any of my phones, but this one: the 6s+ is WAY TOOOOO BIG!.... I should have returned it and I've regretted it since then. Can't wait to get the 8 or Elite or X cause it's should have a regular 7 form factor... I love the Optical image stabilization, or the big display for watch movies, but I would gladly sacrifice those features for a 7 or 7s or 8
  • In my book I would say ;for people who like reading soft copy books or reading and researching a lot about info , I would say the 7 plus is the phone they should buy. But if it just for the sake of having an iPhone then the 7 will do. Isaiah Heart.
  • If you really want iPhone, do not upgrade right now - just wait for the next iPhone. If you do need a phone right this moment, buy the Galaxy S8.