Join the discussion: It's 2017; do you still rock an iPod?

We've recently had to say goodbye to a couple of iPod models (RIP Nano, we hardly knew ye), but that doesn't mean that there aren't some people who still fall head-over-heels for their iPod every time they plug their headphones in!

So we have to ask: are you one of those people who still rocks an iPod in 2017?

Just wondered how many people still used a iPod, with apple music, photos, etc all syncing across devices I wouldn't think my little iPod Nano would be used much - however I find it comes with me quite a lot while driving or when I get the train or walk etc as I listen to a lot of podcast and have a few photos saved, battery last FOREVER too! What about you guys/girls?


I haven't used my iPod in a while but I still have it. The issue I have with it is that I can get tired of music pretty quickly. I don't buy music as much anymore since I find it easier to stream. This thread makes me want to find my charger and charge it so that I can use it.


I have the most recent Nano. Use it every day while running and working outside. Bought a new one after leaving my month-old one in my pants pocket and washing them. Wouldn’t think of running with my iPhone 6s.


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