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Mail app on the iPhone
Mail app on the iPhone (Image credit: iMore)

The Mail app is one of those polarizing apps where people either really enjoy using it, while others want to set it on fire and erase it from existence.

Regardless of your view on the original Mail app, there have been plenty of other email-based app alternatives available for download… so have you ever tried something different? Why or why not?

I use Airmail and have been thinking about switching back to stock..


I use the stock mail app. I use just about all stock. Save for using pocketcasts for podcasts because it offers me a web interface. Why do I do it? Hmmm... I can't say for certain. I guess i became one of those "that's the way Apple intended" folks somewhere along the way


Because it's convenient for me and does what I want it to do. No need to use an other mail client.


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  • ... because it works just fine for me.
  • Because it is the only mail app I've used that automatically opens the next message after you archive one. I don't want to have to click into each message to read and archive. With the stock app it doesn't spit you back to the whole list of messages after you archive one.
  • It works just fine for my use. I do not use it for work and do not need super features of any kind.
  • I don't need many of the extra features that other apps offer. Plus I'm not really in need of immediate push notifications for Gmail. In don't keep my work email on my phone either. That helps too.
  • It works great, and none of the alternatives offer any features that are in any way useful (I've tried most alternative email clients, but I always come back to the stock one). It is also the only one that is completely integrated, so adding calendar events or pulling addresses from contacts is simple. The only time I considered another client was when Gmail removed push mail. In the end, I just had all Gmail forward to iCloud, and bam, push email returns. I do use Outlook for my work email, but only because I want that account separated. I work in one school district, but coach the lacrosse team in another. I don't want a parent of one of my students receiving email from my other school address, which I have done accidentally. Using Outlook firewalls both accounts from accidental bleed over.
  • For work related stuff I like the stock It just works better and when I get calendar events it adds them to my calendar easily. Just overall easier. I like all the extra features that some offer but meh I dont end up using them.
  • I've tried many of them, and always came back to the stock mail app.
    It works, and doesn't try to do too much. I feel that's where many apps fail.
    I tried hard to like gmail, based on what many podcasters said. But after a year I moved on, and consider gmail the worst email experience that I have ever had, desktop or mobile.
    If I had to use something else it would likely be Outlook.
  • Some people really like Blue Mail but I haven't tried it yet. I do really like that it has a dark mode, so I'm tempted by that function.
  • I never use the features that the other apps have. For example I've never had an email that once opened I thought to myself...hmm, maybe I'll read that later. No, I read it and either keep it or delete it. Done. But my only issue now is that I have my Gmail account set up with it as that's the only email account I have. But for some reason a great majority of the time when I open my stock email app I'll get a warning that "Gmail can not be accessed right now" or something like that. I could go most of the day without being able to retrieve me email. So subsequently I've had to download the Gmail app which works all the time. I still prefer the stock app because when I want to delete an email it's deleted. With the Gmail app I have to archive it. If Apple can resolve that issue I'll go back to that all the time. Incidentally I have the iPhone 7 Plus, The iPad Mini 4, and the original iPad Air and I have that Gmail issue on all my devices, so it's not and issue in the setting with one device. Plus it doesn't happen every time so it's not as if my settings changed. But once they resolve this issue I'll go back to the stock app as that's more than I need.
  • It just works.
  • I don't get the kerfuffle over the stock Mail app - I hear a lot of complaining, but little that is specific enough to determine what to change. My take: the stock Mail app on both iOS and macOS is just fine for 99% of what people need to do. It's reliable, full-featured and I repeat: JUST FINE. I use Outlook for my work account, but only because it keeps things separate. Otherwise, I find Outlook to be mediocre, several steps behind the stock Mail app on iOS and macOS. But it keeps my work separate. These days I'm trying out Spark for personal mail. It's fine, I like the way it works, but if it disappeared tomorrow I would go back to the stock Mail app with little more than a shrug. They both get the job done. Upshot: the alternatives are different, some are better in certain ways, but there is nothing in any of them that would convince an uncurious user to switch.
  • Does search work in stock Mail? Last I looked it didn't and Apple support was littered with the queries and nary an answer in sight...
  • I wanted to use Outlook, and it works pretty well, but the stock apps just integrate better. You hit send feedback or send email in another app that isn't using the share sheet, it'll open stock regardless or say application is missing or something. So I've just stuck with stock. Not to mention handoff support is better.
  • I am definitely in the Stock Apps Club. They just work, they do what they are intended to do and that's all anyone can ask for. I prefer the stock Mail App because it's functionality is cohesive to its desktop counterpart. Plus, I use iCloud as my primary email so it's a no brainer for me.
  • I use Outlook, because I find it easier and more useful and complete.
  • I occasionally try new mail clients, such as Spark, Outlook and AirMail, but I keep going back the stock app. Not sure what it is, but the built-in app seems to more lightweight. It seems to do everything I need it to and more.
  • I use Stock Apple whenever possible. Privacy and Security are my top priorities, and the interface and functionality are everything I need and more.
  • I use stock because all the other apps recommended and highly praised by posters and writers just don't work as well for me. None of them are perfect by any means. It took forever for many of them to support html signatures which are an import part of my companies branding. Apple's ✉ was early to the table on that. So that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
  • I use the gmail app and like the functionality better than the stock mail app. Specifically, gmail does a good job in separating the emails (primary, social, promotions), at least it works for me. The biggest downside that I have with the Gmail app is that it doesn't handle calendar invites well. I've tried a few of the other mail apps mentioned here - thought they were ok - but in the end, for me, the Gmail app works how I want.
  • I use the stock email app because it works and it's so integrated with the OS.
  • It works the way I want, it integrates perfectly, and none of the third-party alternatives have offered anything better worth switching for.
  • The stock Mail app is nice, but since it doesn't support Gmail labels, I don't use it. Same with Outlook's app.
  • I use the stock client because it is the closest thing to the stock mail client on my Mac. I use an iCloud email for personal email, so it works without issue almost all the time. I always tell myself that some day when I get a job that requires me to do a lot of emailing on my phone I'll try one of the many third party mail clients out there. But I know I'd want one that also had a mac client.
  • Im expecting an iPhone 6S Plus next week I'll probably use because I've been using outlook for a very long time. But I'm open to suggestions