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With the release of the Galaxy S8 and its beautiful curved display, some people have begun to speculate as to whether or not the new iPhone will follow the same curved path...

If Apple ever makes a curved screen, I hope they implement it differently than Samsung. I played around with the S8+ at Best Buy yesterday. It's a beautiful phone, but I can't get past that curved display. I hate the screen distortion it causes. I'm sure I'd get used to it, but I find it distracting more than anything else. It doesn't seem to serve any purpose other than making it initially...

Matt Manahan

Some people say that they don't care what the new screen looks like – as long as it works!

As long as the phone works, I don't care if the screen is curved or not.


While others claim that the lighting and glare from curved screens can be extremely annoying…

I especially hate the glare from lighting you get at the curves...very annoying


But what do you think?

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  • I prefer slight curves brings some level of sexiness to the iPhone
  • And some level of distortion to the screen…
  • No. Sure they look beautiful when they're naked BUT curved screens are inherently more vulnerable to damage even with a case on. Then that brings it's next problem because you need a case to reduce that vunerablitily which takes away the whole look of the infinity display or small bezel display and the case effectively adds an extra 5 or 6mm to the sides so it just looks like it's got normal bezels again. I can speak from experience here as I had the Galaxy s8 Plus then switched to the LG G6. I'd like them to go more with tiny bezels as you still get edge to edge screen but it's flat and will accept a tempered glass screen protector and a case that protects it on all sides. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Exactly. The Galaxy S8 is probably the most beautiful smartphone ever made, but holding it sucks, and putting a case on it ruins the fantastic aesthetics.
  • I heard someone dropped the phone on sand, ON SAND, and it broke.
  • Sand is made of small grains of glass. Those small grains have lot's of sharp points. When something as large as a foot which isn't brittle steps on them they yield and move around the foot. When a hard bridle surface such as tempered glass gets struck by the sharp point of sand it's quite likely that larger glass will break before the small already broken down to a very small point will crack the glass. It's like a bed of nails. Have a person sit on them and all of them will support a small bit of weight. Sit on one nail and it'll impale you.
  • I've been an iPhone user since day 1 with the very first iPhone, and have owned every model since then. The minimal bezels, curved screen, and basically feature equivelancy across all these phone now days, was enough for me to try my first android phone. I never notice a glare, ever. Non issue. It's like when we all were worried anything bigger than a 4" screen would be impossible to use, and now nearly every phone is larger. Non-issue. I say get rid of the bezels and bend that screen all the way around and I'll jump back to the iPhone. Still great devices.
  • Totally have to agree with you. I switched the S8 for its gorgeous display, curved edges and near bezelless design. And I neve found the curved edges to be annoying in any way. They create a really nice look and a smooth feeling when in hand. I am hoping that future iPhones do come with curved displays with a higher screen resolution. Eventually I may make my way back, but for now I think Samsung has proved it has a superior display and resolution. I love Apple and have so many Apple products but curved screens and higher resolution are things I'd like to see improved across the board.
  • To be fair it was a bit of an issue on the s6 and s7 edge but the curve on the s8 is much more subtle and they've found the sweet spot which has massively reduced glare, false touches and warped viewing at angles Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Had to reply about the equivalency remark. Just sayin. Sadly none of these things are false. Let's look at a check list. With Samsung(and android) you get a million more viruses and malware check, the Samsung CEO is in jail check, customer service is terrible check, S8 just released is slower than iPhone 7 and is trounced by iPhone 8 check, security on S8 is inferior for example facial recognition is fooled by a picture and iris scanner has issues at night or in bright daylight check, the OS is always dated on android except the Pixel, Samsung should not be charged over night check, Samsung is a known cheater on speed tests as they install software to fool the tests just as vw did with emissions test check, S8 speaker is pathetic. iPhone 7 gives you two speakers, messaging is inferior compared to iMessage on iPhone check, etc, etc.
  • The Iris scanner works flawlessly in absolute darkness... Just saying Not gonna argue about the rest of your opinions though Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Millions more viruses and malware yet hardly anyone has actually had an issue, if any. Especially because 90% require physical access to the phone. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • The obsession with removing bezels is ridiculous. Until we get transparent fingers, we need a way to hold the device without accidentally tapping, or obscuring the content.
    I had no problem with removing the headphone jack, I have a big problem removing the bezels.
  • +1. Removing the bezels will be a big issue for usability of the device
  • You're holding it wrong then. I've got an iPhone 7 Plus and I never hold them on the bezels. It's screen is a good size but the large bezels make it quite unwieldy. Personally I'd much rather have a smaller fork factor with the same screen.
  • I hold mine by the bezels sometimes, its very handy. It gives many options in different situations to hold the phone.
  • Eh the iPhone needs the bezels shrunk. Just look how big the devices are for the screen size you get. Not saying they need to complete eliminate the bezels, but could easily trim them down and still not have any issues with holding the device.
  • I totally agree. I hold my phone in many different ways depending on the situation I'm in, and so the bezels are really useful. I want them.
  • Samsung just like to exaggerate everything. I had the 8+ and sent it back, just wasn't worth it. I'm using my 7P, Note 4 and Mate 9.
  • Not interested in curved screen. Its totally useless but tech blogs and tech articles like to praise it, so it gets good exposure, which means more sales. Also don't make the phone longer and bigger. Enough already. Apple shouldn't be following others making the phone bigger each time.
  • I haven't held the Samsung, but anything that can cause glare hotspots is just customer abuse. I'm imagining a bright line along the edge from the sun and it seems ridiculous. I've also heard the S8's screen called "edge-to-edge," which is contradicted by their very own product shots. I thought the iPhone 5 was the best design since the 1; if you could fill a metal bezel edge-to-edge with screen, I'm in.
  • I owned the S7edge for 9 1/2 months and had more than my fill of false touches and finding any decent, functional screen protectors for the curved screens is a gigantic PIA, if not impossible. People love to say put a case on it to solve your problems. BS, any cases made for them tout the fact that they leave the edge screen functionality fully intact, therefore, by definition, they do nothing to solve the inherent problems. Also, when you hear all these fanboys swear that they've never had a problem with false touches, they're lying, period. If the new super duper iPhone has the radically curved sides, I'll be saving quite a bit of money, because I won't be buying it.
  • I would reply to say I've never had any false touches but you've already arrogantly declared that I'd be a liar to do so, therefore I won't bother. Mind you, as you owned a 7 Edge for long enough to make a baby you already know that the metal edges protrude just enough to prevent any accidental touches, and then there is a 3mm ish bezel on the side of the screen to further prevent any accidental touches. But then I'm a liar so what do I know.
  • I tried the S7 Edge and I would have to agree that there were a lot of issues I found with holding the phone that causes false touches or wouldn't allow me to touch elsewhere because it was registering my fingers on the side. But I am happy to report that it is a non-issue on the S8. It has never happened to me, not even once, and I haven't used a case. I think if Apple can implement it in similar fashion it would be a fine addition to the iPhone.
  • Definitely not a fan of the curved screen. Smaller bezels - yes, curved screen - no thanks. Posted via the iMore App for Android