Join the discussion: Please, Apple, no curved display.

With the release of the Galaxy S8 and its beautiful curved display, some people have begun to speculate as to whether or not the new iPhone will follow the same curved path...

If Apple ever makes a curved screen, I hope they implement it differently than Samsung. I played around with the S8+ at Best Buy yesterday. It's a beautiful phone, but I can't get past that curved display. I hate the screen distortion it causes. I'm sure I'd get used to it, but I find it distracting more than anything else. It doesn't seem to serve any purpose other than making it initially...

Matt Manahan

Some people say that they don't care what the new screen looks like – as long as it works!

As long as the phone works, I don't care if the screen is curved or not.


While others claim that the lighting and glare from curved screens can be extremely annoying…

I especially hate the glare from lighting you get at the curves...very annoying


But what do you think?

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