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What you need to know

  • Jon Prosser has stated in his latest video that Apple has two working iPhone 13 prototypes featuring Touch ID under the display.

Jon Prosser has confirmed in his latest FPT video that according to sources, Apple has two iPhone 13 prototypes with Touch ID under the display, despite previously stating that the personally believed Apple wouldn't go back to the tech.

It has previously been leaked that Apple might be bringing Touch ID back to iPhone, and Apple has plenty of patents in its library relating to the tech. Now, serial Apple leaker, Jon Prosser has confirmed that Apple has not one, but two iPhone 13 working prototypes with Touch ID under the display.

In his latest FPT video Prosser stated:

"According to my sources, there are currently two working prototypes with Touch ID under the display panel."

Now, as Prosser rightly notes, the existence of prototypes does not indicate that Apple will definitely include the feature in the new iPhone, but that it is at least considering it.

Prosser also noted that the COVID-19 pandemic had highlighted how Face ID wasn't working very well in the current climate and that it could make sense for Apple to include the tech despite seemingly moving on from it with Face ID. He further noted how Apple could use the pandemic as an excuse to bring back the tech without it looking like Apple was wrong to remove it in favor of Face ID.

Apple included Touch ID in the top button of its iPad Air, released earlier this year, a sign that Apple has found a way to incorporate it into the power button of its devices rather than on the Home Button. The popular response to this inclusion further highlights how there is definitely a market for bringing back Touch ID next year.