Jura Anchor is the ultimate AirPods accessory

What you need to know

  • Jura Anchor is an attachment for your AirPods.
  • Anchor uses a proprietary connector to attach to your AirPods case via the Lightning port.
  • Achor is available now on Kickstarter and ships in November.

Carrying an AirPods case is a breeze becase of its size, making it easy to put in a bag or pocket. But, in some scenarios, the size can actually backfire, because keeping track of their whereabouts can be difficult. That's where the Jura Anchor comes in.

Created by Patrick O'Neill, the mind behind Olloclip, Anchor adds a carabiner to your AirPods, so they're even easier to carry while out and about. Crucially, attaching Anchor to your AirPods case means you'll always know where they are.

"Following Olloclip's success, I'm excited to launch Jura with this first offering," O'Neill said in a press release. "As a big Apple fan, I know the struggle of digging through a bag or pockets for my AirPods when a call comes in or I want to listen to music. Unlike other options - like a whole case with clip for the charging case - the Anchor doesn't complicate AirPod usability, create unneeded bulk, or cover the hinged cover or lightning port of the case as it provides one-handed accessibility to AirPods."

O'Neill said he created a proprietary connector featuring "high strength composite wings to help prevent side load damage." When Anchor is attached to an AirPods case through the Lightning port, it can apparently support 15 times the weight of an AirPods case, so there should be no issue of the attachment suddenly coming off.

Jura is offering four different options on its Kickstarter, which runs through the end of October. $19 will land you an Anchor in anodized zinc alloy in silver, gray, or black. You can also buy Anchor in titanium for $29. There are packs, too, including a two-pack of Anchor in titanium for $53.

Jura has already smashed its goal of raising $30,000, and with nearly 800 backers and growing, it's clear Anchor is an AirPods accessory a lot of people have been waiting for.

Brandon Russell