Kate Spade MagSafe iPhone case review: When fashion and tech collide

Kate Spade New York Magsafe Pin Dot Iridescent Hero
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Bottom line: Kate Spade New York MagSafe Cases are clear, hardshell cases with fashionable designs that offer six feet of drop protection. They are also fully compatible with other MagSafe accessories.


  • +

    Four stylish Kate Spade New York designs

  • +

    Hardshell design with flexible bumpers

  • +

    Slim and lightweight

  • +

    Clicky and tactile button covers

  • +

    Provides additional grip


  • -

    MagSafe ring sticks out on some designs

  • -

    Bottom speakers and charging port exposed

  • -

    Only four designs compared to the rest of Kate Spade lineup

  • -

    Not available for iPhone 12 mini

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With the iPhone 12 lineup, one of the best new features that Apple added is MagSafe, hands-down. MagSafe adds magnets inside of the iPhone itself, opening up a whole world of possibilities for iPhone accessories. While there weren't many case options available when the iPhone 12 launched, the market is now filled with plenty of MagSafe cases, and more keep coming.

While I've acquired several of the best MagSafe-compatible iPhone 12 Pro cases over the past few months, I've noticed a lot of them are pretty bland. By that, I mean that they usually just come in one solid color or material, and there aren't many that are super stylish, for the fashionista, if you will. That's why when I saw that Kate Spade New York was coming out with a lineup of MagSafe cases, I was pretty excited for something more, girly, so to speak. And these Kate Spade MagSafe Cases are not only cute and fashionable, but they're protective too — the best of both worlds!

Kate Spade MagSafe iPhone case: Price and availability

Kate Spade New York Magsafe Pin Dot Daisy Iridescent

Kate Spade New York Magsafe Pin Dot Daisy Iridescent (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

The Kate Spade New York MagSafe cases are available for the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. You can find these cases on Amazon, direct from Incipio's website, and retailers like Target and Best Buy.

While there are four total designs, it seems that Target only carries that Daisy Iridescent style, and Best Buy only has Champagne Glitter Ombre. But for the Hollyflock Floral Clear and Spade Pin Dot Iridescent, you can get them from Amazon and Incipio, as well as the other two designs.

Kate Spade MagSafe cases will cost around $50, regardless of where you purchase from.

Kate Spade MagSafe iPhone case: Stylish protection with MagSafe

Kate Spade New York Magsafe Daisy Iridescent

Kate Spade New York Magsafe Daisy Iridescent (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

I've gone through my fair share of MagSafe-compatible iPhone 12 cases in recent months, but I have noticed a lot of them tend to be single colors (or duo-tones) or materials without any additional flair. When I saw that Kate Spade was releasing some MagSafe cases, I was immediately drawn in because these were different from the rest — they featured a clear back with cute designs on top while offering MagSafe compatibility. It just isn't something you see too often.

The Kate Spade MagSafe cases are like the brand's regular lineup of Protective Hardshell Cases, but with the addition of MagSafe. They're made from co-molded plastic, so the back is quite stiff and rigid, but the surrounding shock-resistant bumper is flexible. So while you expect it to be hard to remove because it's hard, that's not the case (hah!) at all — the bumpers are easily pliable, so you can take it off and put it back on in seconds. An additional bonus of these soft bumpers is that they add some nice grip, so it's easier to hold your iPhone. It also forms a nice lip on the screen edges, keeping the glass safe if you put the screen down on a surface. The clear plastic allows you to show off the original color of your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, with some added style to it.

These cases are slim but protective and come in stylish designs to add more flair to your device while being MagSafe-compatible.

One of the other things I like a lot about the Kate Spade MagSafe iPhone case is the button covers. Even though the plastic bumper covers up the volume and side power button, they still feel clicky and tactile when you press them. Some cases end up feeling mushy when you press the buttons, so I'm happy that you retain a nice feel on the buttons with this case. The mute switch and camera cutouts are also fairly precise while offering enough space to access the switch easily. The bottom of the case is left exposed for the speakers and charging port, which I'm not a big fan of — more on that in a bit.

Kate Spade New York Magsafe Volume Buttons

Kate Spade New York Magsafe Volume Buttons (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

Even though the Kate Spade MagSafe iPhone case has a slim and lightweight profile, it doesn't skimp out on the protection. Incipio, the main brand behind the Kate Spade lineup of technology accessories, claims that the Kate Spade MagSafe cases are rated for up to six feet in terms of drop protection. While I did not drop my phone from six feet in the air, I did accidentally drop it a few times (even on cement in my driveway) while in the case, and it has held up very well, all things considered. I did not see very noticeable scuffs on the case nor on my iPhone 12 Pro itself.

The buttons still feel clicky and tactile when you press them.

Since these are MagSafe cases, you can clearly see the MagSafe ring on the back since the plastic is clear. Three of the four styles do a pretty good job of hiding the ring behind the design, but my personal favorite, the Spade Pin Dot Iridescent, won't hide it at all. If you don't like to show the MagSafe ring, then the Daisy Iridescent Foil is the best one.

The Kate Spade MagSafe iPhone cases have quickly become one of my favorite MagSafe-compatible options. They're slim, lightweight, protective, and super stylish. And they work with my favorite MagSafe accessories, like the PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe, flawlessly.

Kate Spade MagSafe iPhone case: Exposed bottom and limited designs

Kate Spade New York Magsafe Bottom Exposed

Kate Spade New York Magsafe Bottom Exposed (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

One of my qualms with the Kate Spade MagSafe iPhone case is that the bottom is exposed and could be considered vulnerable. I honestly don't like that quite a few case makers do this because if the point of a case is to protect the device, how does leaving an area exposed like that help? What if you drop the phone and it happens to land on that exposed area? I'm just not a fan of leaving vulnerabilities in a case. However, it does feel like it's easier to get the phone out of the case with this opening, so I suppose it's a trade-off.

I wish that the bottom wasn't exposed because it leaves it vulnerable.

Another thing is that there are only four designs for the Kate Spade MagSafe cases, which is quite limited compared to the regular non-MagSafe lineup. If you have a favorite Kate Spade design, such as Glitter Ombre Sunset Pink or Rainbow for me, for example, then you're out of luck. Hopefully, more Kate Spade designs are added to the MagSafe collection in the future.

Again, since these are clear cases, the MagSafe ring will stick out like a sore thumb on some, but they can be hidden away behind your MagSafe accessories. And finally, it's unfortunate, but the Kate Spade MagSafe cases are not available for the iPhone 12 mini for some reason.

Kate Spade MagSafe iPhone case: Competition

Casely Bold Magsafe Always Vibing Hero

Casely Bold Magsafe Always Vibing Hero (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

If you are looking for some great MagSafe cases that also have more styles to choose from, then consider Casely's Bold Plus MagSafe Case. There are tons of designs to choose from at Casely, so you're bound to find something that fits your personal tastes. However, keep in mind that Casely's option is a bit bulkier compared to Kate Spade's offerings, but it also offers complete all-around protection.

The OtterBox Aneu is a solid choice for those who prefer to go with solid colors. These slim cases come in a nice selection of fun colors, and they are also fully MagSafe compatible. And if you want a clear case with MagSafe but no fancy design, then you should check out the Mous Infinity MagSafe case. It is crystal clear to show off your iPhone's original color, and it's slim and lightweight with full MagSafe compatibility too.

Kate Spade MagSafe iPhone case: Should you buy it?

Kate Spade New York Magsafe Camera Cutout

Kate Spade New York Magsafe Camera Cutout (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

  • You want a stylish MagSafe case that shows off your iPhone color
  • You prefer slim, lightweight, and protective cases
  • You like the Kate Spade New York brand

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You don't like the four designs
  • You need all-around protection with no exposed spots
  • You have an iPhone 12 mini

The Kate Spade MagSafe iPhone cases are slim, lightweight, and stylish, making them perfect for fashionistas. The rigid plastic back and shock-resistant bumpers give the case protection up to six feet, and the bumpers are flexible enough to make it easy to take off and put back on with ease. Buttons are tactile to press, and the case works seamlessly with any MagSafe accessories you have.

However, if one of your case requirements involves all-around protection, the Kate Spade MagSafe case is not perfect since it leaves the bottom speakers and charging port exposed. There are also only four designs available for the MagSafe cases, which pales compared to the rest of the Kate Spade New York hardshell case lineup. And if you have an iPhone 12 mini, unfortunately, the Kate Spade MagSafe case is not available for that particular model, but the others are golden.

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