With Harry Potter: Wizards Unite being released last week, people from all over the wonderful Wizarding World have taken up their wands to partake in a bit of magic - including all of us here at iMore! But you know what isn't magical? Your battery draining in the middle of organizing your gold in your vault.

Luckily for you, the CELLder Wand power bank has you covered as you explore the expansive Wizards Unite world.

The CELLder Wand looks and feels like a genuine wand from the wonderful world of Harry Potter, and packs just as much power: designed with a 5,000 mAh lithium-ion battery, you add additional hours of gameplay to your day by just plugging this handy little accessory in on your adventures.

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The external battery pack is incredibly compact and convenient to carry in your back pocket, but you can extend the CELLder Wand with a simple push of a button and use Lumos to engulf the tip in a mystical light (aka, it's a flashlight). It even comes in a beautiful case that looks like something you'd pick up in Hogsmeade.

CELLder Wand

Save your battery power while casting spells on your Wizarding World escapades with this powerful wand meets flashlight meets power bank.

Are you having a blast in Potter-land?

Have you started playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? We're absolutely obsessed with all things Potter, so join the discussion in the forums and the comments, and let us know your tips and tricks to becoming the greatest Wizard possible!