iPhone and Airpods case.Source: OFOCASE

When Apple announced the first generation of AirPods in 2016, I immediately knew I had to have a pair, but what I didn't know was how easy it would be for me to lose track of my shiny new toys. While I'd rather not tell you how many pairs of AirPods I've lost in the last few years, I am happy to report that losing my AirPods (and yours if you're anything like me) might soon become a thing of the past with the help of my most recent discovery: iPhone cases with built-in AirPods storage.

I stumbled across these 2-in-1 gems while scrolling through my Twitter timeline, and quickly began researching the available options. The concept was so simple and yet kind of genius. If my AirPods were attached to my iPhone, there was no way I could misplace one of the pods or accidentally lose the white case in a pile of fresh snow. I was sold!

During my search, the first case that caught my eye was the OFOCASE case. I'm a huge fan of Apple's silicone case, and I was really impressed with how OFOCASE managed to pull off recreating the classic design while adding the bonus feature of an AirPods carrying case in the back. The case comes in two colors — black and white — and I opted for the black because I generally prefer darker cases on my devices.

2-in-1 Storage

iPhone and Airpods case.

OFOCASE iPhone-AirPods Case

Keep your AirPods and iPhone together with one super durable, easy to carry case, and ultra-sleek case.

But while I was satisfied with my decision, by the end of my search, I realized having an iPhone case that doubled as an AirPods holder was only the tip of the iceberg because not only could I get the 2-in-1 protection for my devices, I could also get power. It turns out, AXS Technologies has an upcoming 2-in-1 Power1 case, which promises "unified power and protection for AirPods and iPhone." The case will add a bit more heft to the iPhone since it does come with a built-in 3000 mAh battery, but for the added security of knowing my devices will stay powered longer? I'd definitely consider picking one up.

Unfortunately, the Power1 also lacks color options, but there's always the MayCase case, which comes in six great colors.

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