Can you ever really have enough ways to charge your devices? I know I'm always on the lookout for inexpensive cables and wall chargers and other things. Well, Anker is having a huge sale on charging accessories at Amazon today, and that includes devices like the Anker Nano Pro USB-C wall charger that's down to $14.99. That's a 25% discount and the lowest price we've ever seen. Anker comes out with new chargers like this all the time, and this one hasn't gone on sale before. Only Glacier Blue is actually discounted as the other available colors are still $20. Since this is part of Amazon's Epic Daily Deals, don't expect the price to stick around.

Anker Nano Pro

Anker Nano Pro USB-C charger | 25% off

Buy a couple of these for around your house so you can always get the fastest charge on all your gear. Doesn't hurt to have a couple of chargers for your backpack or purse either.

$14.99 at Amazon

The Nano Pro is designed for the iPhone and is capable of providing a full 20W for charging, ensuring you always get your mobile device topped off as fast as possible. It's a huge upgrade over older devices, especially if you're still using a 5W charger.

Like many such devices, Anker ensures your device will be safe while plugged into it. The ActiveShield system includes a dynamic temperature sensor that can prevent overheating from either side and will adjust power output accordingly. Don't worry about anything going wrong while you sleep or step away, and you get to come back to a phone or tablet that's ready to go!

Works with any device really, including your iPad and iPhone models going back several generations. It also comes with an 18-month warranty from Anker and great customer service.

Check the rest of the sale for other charging accessories you can save on, like the magnetic desktop charging station that's $25 off.

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