Invisibleshield Uv SanitizerSource: InvisibleShield

What you need to know

  • Both mophie and InvisibleShield announced new UV sanitizers.
  • The mophie product also has a 10W Qi charger built in.
  • Prices start at $59.99.

Now, more than ever before, making sure our devices are as clean as possible is super important. It's fair to say that mophie nor InvisibleShield are the first to bring a UV sanitizer to market but with big names and features to go with them, these could be the sanitizers for you.

Starting with the mophie UV Sanitizer we have something that can house any device up to 6.9 inches in length. We're told to expect a maximum of 99.99% of most common surface bacteria to be killed which seems to be par for the course. But there's a party trick here – a built-in Qi charger.

Using UV-C light technology, the mophie UV Sanitizer kills 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria found on household items in about five minutes. The 10W Qi-enabled wireless charging lid gives users the freedom to charge their device while sanitizing other personal items such as credit cards, remote controls, earbuds, and wallets simultaneously.

You can buy the mophie UV Sanitizer direct from right now for $79.99.

Mophie Uv SanitizerSource: mophie

If you don't need to be able to charge anything, the InvisibleShield UV Sanitizer might be the way to go instead. It's cheaper, available for $59.99, and still holds devices up to 6.9 inches in length. Again, 99.9% of bacteria will be killed off thanks to the UV-C bulbs employed here.

The InvisibleShield UV Sanitizer will work with any smartphone up to 6.9 inches long and utilizes multiple UV-C bulbs. A full sanitization cycle takes about five minutes and is safe for all mobile devices, killing up to 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria to keep devices safe from questionable washing methods.

At this point, just make sure you're cleaning everything as much as you can – including yourself!

Oh, and please, please wear a mask, too!

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