Yosemite 1Password on MacBook ProSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple's iCloud Keychain could be in for some big improvements in iOS 14.
  • A new report claims it will gain features similar to third-party password managers.
  • That could put 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass, and more on high alert.

Apple is working on bringing some new, advanced password management features to its iCloud Keychain functionality according to reports. The improvements will come as part of iOS 14 if the early build obtained by 9to5Mac is any indication.

According to the latest report into iOS 14 features, 9to5Mac says that iCloud Keychain will gain features that have previously only been available via third-party apps. One of these is the ability to warn users when they are reusing the same password across multiple services and apps.

Reusing passwords is a big no-no because it allows one compromised account to potentially open up access to others. Checking for reused passwords is a big part of password managers but it's something that has so far been missing from iCloud Keychain.

Support for two-factor authentication codes is also thought to be coming, allowing users to ditch the problematic SMS alternative. This, too, is a feature some third-party offerings have been able to boast for years.

What is also interesting is that, based on iOS 14 code, we can say that there will be a new method to save two-factor authentication passwords. That means you'll be able to log in on compatible sites without using only the iCloud Keychain, without SMS, email or other less secure methods.

If iCloud Keychain does gain these advanced features it may be difficult for apps and services to pull users away from Apple's free offering. Especially if it's actually any good this time around.

It's still a couple of months before we expect Apple to share real details about iOS 14 so it's possible things will change between now and then. That's definitely something worth keeping in mind with stories like this.