Kirby and the Forgotten Land multiplayer: How to unlock co-op

Bandana Waddle Dee And Kirby And The Forgotten Land
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Kirby's latest adventure offers new locations, powers, and challenges that you can experience solo or with a friend. The best part is that player two has their own set of skills and attacks to help them take down baddies on their own. However, to play a two-player co-op, you'll need to get to a certain point in the game. Fortunately, you can unlock the multiplayer campaign pretty quickly. Here's what to do so you can play Kirby and the Forgotten Land with your Bandana buddy.

How to unlock Bandana Waddle Dee for co-op

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To make a two-player co-op a possibility in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Player 1 must first run through the game's opening tutorial, which is comprised of the first level. Once Kirby meets Elfilin and touches the Star at the end of the course, you'll unlock co-op and will be able to go into the menu and switch to and from co-op mode at any time you'd like.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land multiplayer How to switch to co-op

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Bandana Waddle Dee Throwing Spear (Image credit: Nintendo)

Players can use both Joy-Cons as one controller, a single Joy-Con turned sideways as one controller, the Pro Controller, or any other compatible third-party Switch controller they own. Players can pop in or out of a two-player co-op whenever they want.

  1. While in a stage, press the + button.
  2. Next, select Play Co-op.
  3. Now, the Switch will want you to connect to another controller. Press down the SL and SR buttons if you're using half a Joy-Con. If you're using a Pro Controller, hold down the pairing button until it connects.
  4. Next, Press A to get back to the game.

Now you two are ready to take on any baddies or challenges that come your way. Just remember that Bandana Waddle Dee has different move sets than Kirby.

Player 2 controls How to control Bandana Waddle Dee

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Bandana Waddle Dee Spear Float Dog Enemy (Image credit: Nintendo)

Unlike Kirby, Bandana Waddle Dee cannot inhale enemies, acquire Copy Abilities, or use Mouthful Mode. However, he is still a powerful character with plenty of damaging moves, which allows Player 2 to take a lead part in the story. Most importantly, Bandana Waddle Dee can keep up with Kirby using his style of attacks. Unfortunately, we do not know the actual name of these moves, so we've named them ourselves.

Bandana Waddle Dee moves

  • Float: Press the X button multiple times in a row to keep him in the air, just like Kirby.
  • Slide tackle: Hold ZL and then press A to tackle enemies. Then Bandana Waddle Dee swings his spear, damaging enemies further.
  • Spear jab: Tap B to jab several times with the spear and then send a shockwave that thrusts Bandana Waddle Dee forward.
  • Spear charge: Hold B without using the joystick to charge up. Then Bandana Waddle Dee will use his spear to jump into the air and float while raining a volley of spears below you.
  • Spear targeting: Hold B while moving the joystick to choose where Bandana Waddle Dee will throw his spear.
  • Mouthful Mode help: During some of Kirby's Mouthful Modes, Bandana Waddle Dee can hold onto Kirby and hurl spears at obstacles and enemies they pass. Work together to take down any challenges that come your way.

Bandana Waddle Dee limitations:

  • Bubble: The camera focuses on Kirby, so if Bandana Waddle Dee wanders too far away, he will pop into a bubble and will be brought beside the pink main character.
  • No extra abilities: Player 2 might feel left out when Kirby takes on new Copy Abilities or uses Mouthful Mode since these are things Bandana Waddle Dee cannot do.

Let's play!

Whether you're playing with a peer or a younger child Kirby and the Forgotten Land multiplayer is fun for people of all skill levels. You can swap in and out of a two-player co-op whenever you'd like and take on the game's enemies together. 

Kirby and the Forgotten Land | $55 at Amazon

Kirby and the Forgotten Land | $55 at Amazon

Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee have found themselves in a strange land filled with ruins. It's up to them to beat the Beast Pack, save the other Waddle Dees, and figure out what brought them here.

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