Kirby and the Forgotten Land tips and tricks for beginners

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Car Mouth
Kirby And The Forgotten Land Car Mouth (Image credit: iMore)

Kirby's latest adventure brings the pink puffball to a brand new world and allows him to experience new moves. There are plenty of secrets to unlock and multiple ways to finish each level in Kirby and the Forgotten Lands. In order to make the best out of your playing sessions and unlock all of the rewards you can get, you'll want to keep a few things in mind. You can even make Kirby far more powerful using amiibo.

Use amiibo to give yourself a boost

Kirby Amiibo Nintendo Switch (Image credit: iMore)

You can scan most amiibo in Kirby and the Forgotten Land to unlock in-game rewards. However, amiibo depicting characters from the developer, HAL Laboratory, will give you more rewards. It doesn't matter if you have the Kirby line amiibo or Smash Bros. line of amiibo, the character will give out the same items.

  • Kirby amiibo: Star Coins and a health boost that doubles your health bar.
  • Meta Knight amiibo: Speed boost and Star Coins.
  • King Dedede amiibo: Attack boost and Star Coins.
  • Waddle Dee amiibo: Potion and Star Coins.
  • Qbby amiibo: Fruit and Star Coins.

You can scan up to five amiibo in a row. You can also rescan an amiibo if you clear a level.

Check every corner for secrets

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Secret Spot (Image credit: iMore)

As is often the case with platformers, sometimes helpful items or things necessary to complete a mission are hiding in the nooks and crannies of each level. If something looks suspicious in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, see if you can destroy it or find a way to get somewhere you didn't think you could reach.

Play with a friend

Bandana Waddle Dee And Kirby And The Forgotten Land (Image credit: Nintendo)

In addition to playing through the main storyline on your own, you can turn on two-player co-op and play with a friend. Player 2 takes control of Bandana Waddle Dee who cannot use Copy Abilities or Mouthful Mode. However, they can float, do ranged attacks, or jab with their spear. In some Mouthful Mode situations, Bandana Waddle Dee holds onto Kirby and can throw spears while the two move together.

Replay levels as many times as you want

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Stage Cleared (Image credit: iMore)

Every time you make your way to the end of a level you've already cleared, you'll be rewarded with a bunch of Star Coins. This will help you save up if you're trying to save up for a Copy Ability upgrade at the Weapons Shop. Additionally, whenever you get to the end of a level, you'll be told what all of the course's hidden missions were. That way you can replay and work on unlocking anything you missed the first time around.

Gather Rare Star Stones

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Treasure Level (Image credit: iMore)

As you travel through the map, you'll occasionally unlock special Treasure Road challenges that have a vortex in the sky over them. These levels require you to get to the end while using a specific Copy Ability. If you do so, you'll be rewarded with a Rare Stone that is shaped like a star. This reward helps you upgrade your Copy Abilities in the Waddle Dee Town. Some of these Treasure Road challenges only appear after you've progressed a certain amount, but others can only unlock if Kirby flies over them and investigates an area.

While in the map, pressing the Y Button opens the main menu. If you press the X button while in this menu you can view the Treasure Road list to tell if you've missed any of these challenges.

Upgrade your Copy Abilities at the Weapons Shop

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Weapon Shop (Image credit: iMore)

Once you have cleared all levels in the Natural Plains area (including the boss at the end) the Weapons Shop becomes available. This allows you to upgrade Kirby's different Copy Abilities to make them stronger, faster, work further, or give some other perks.

In order to upgrade a Copy Ability, you will need the required number of Star Coins, Rare Stones, and potentially even a Blueprint or other special item. Everything necessary to upgrade can be found by progressing through the game.

Swap Copy Abilities and practice them in the Waddle Dee Town

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Weapon Shop Cutter Upgrade (Image credit: iMore)

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Mr Sandbag Practice (Image credit: iMore)

Source: iMore

You can also switch to any of Kirby's unlocked Copy Abilities simply by interacting with the figures in the Weapons Shop. Practice using your powers on the Mr. Sandbag doll to the far right of the room.

Use the bed at your house to heal

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Kirby Sleeping (Image credit: iMore)

Once you've saved 50 Waddle Dees, you'll unlock your house at the Waddle Dee Town. You can sleep on your bed to regain your health whenever you are here.

Kirby's best life

There are multiple ways to get through each Kirby and the Forgotten Land level, and exploring every nook and cranny might help you find secrets or helpful items. Don't forget to upgrade your Copy Abilities to become stronger or scan your amiibo if you have any handy.

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