Lapis X Labryrinth for Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know

Love dungeon crawling, but wish there was a new take on it? Leave it to Nippon Ichi and Lapis x Labyrinth, which is out now on Nintendo Switch and offers a proper action platforming adventure with robust party customization and lots of pomp and circumstance. Don't be fooled by the cutesy art style that the developer has long embraced. There's a surprising amount of depth to what you can do in Lapis x Labyrinth, with a satisfying dungeon loop full of treasure.

Unsure if Lapis x Labyrinth will satisfy your craving for glittering gems? Here's everything you need to know before picking the game up:

What is Lapis x Labyrinth?'

Lapis x Labyrinth is a single-player action-platformer by Nippon Ichi Software that takes place in an area surrounding a poor, bankrupt town in need of revitalization. In the midst of the town is a legend of a Golden Tree hidden deep in a labyrinth that bestows great riches. Though many adventurers have pursued its wealth, none have managed to find it yet.

You will control a group of customizable adventurers who will plunge into the depths of the labyrinth in search of wealth both for their own gain and to benefit the town. To do so, you'll alternate between town exploration and dungeon crawling, platforming action as you dispatch enemies and make your way deeper and deeper.

What kinds of characters can I create?

At the start of Lapis x Labyrinth, you'll be able to create a party leader plus one other companion. As the game progresses, you'll gather even more party members, who will stack atop one another's heads as they adventure into dungeons to collect loot and battle. You can form your party from the following characters classes:

  • Hunter - A very mobile class that wields dual daggers
  • Necromancer - Uses mid-range magic and attacks with a scythe
  • Shielder - Just like it sounds, Shielders have big shields and can protect the party
  • Maid - The silly Maid character plays support roles and can weaken enemies or strengthen allies
  • Gunner - A ranged class with guns
  • Witch - Another magic user that commands the power of the elements
  • Destroyer - This physical attacking class wields massive power, though their attacks are slow to charge
  • Bishop - Bishops can attack with a spear, or heal the party

How do I play?

Gameplay occurs in two different areas: the Home Town, and dungeons. In town, you can stock up on items, adjust your party, change your equipment, sell treasure you've acquired, and otherwise build up your team for your next foray into the dungeon.

Though there are a total of eight classes, only four can go into the dungeon with you. Before you venture in, you'll have to put together a balanced party of four classes, which will stack on one another's heads. The party "leader," or the one you control, is positioned on the bottom and can be swapped around at any time.

Once in the dungeon, you'll need to manage your time well. Each dungeon floor has a time limit, and you'll have to balance your time well between leveling up, loot collecting, and finding the gems you need to unlock the next floor of the dungeon.

How does combat work?

Because you control the bottom character of the stack, only they can attack. However, they will receive support from the other stack members as they fight. Basic attacks can be performed with the X and Y buttons and directional buttons.

Special attacks can be performed with the A and R buttons that involve the whole party, or specific members. In addition, every class has its own unique special assist moves that can support the party leader.

What is Fever Mode?

As you fight, a Fever Gauge on screen will gradually fill. When it becomes entirely full, you'll enter Fever Mode. In Fever Mode, your party will become entirely invincible as long as the mode lasts, and enemies you hit will drop items called Fever Gems. Collect enough Fever Gems, and a set of slot machines will spin, rewarding your party with extra items, gold, or other bonuses that will improve your ability to dispatch enemies and venture further into the dungeon.

What is contained in the Limited Edition XL version of the game?

Though you can buy Lapis x Labyrinth on its own, a special Limited Edition XL version of the game is available that includes a physical version of the game, an art book, a soundtrack, a poster, a small art print, and a collector's box.

When can I get it?

Lapis x Labyrinth is out now on the Nintendo Switch. The regular edition costs $30, and the Limited Edition XL version costs $60.

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