Leak claims to show 'Chinese knockoff' version of Apple's rumored AirPods Pro charging case

(Image credit: AYA2019 | SLASHLEAKS)

What you need to know

  • Photos published to Slashleaks reportedly show a 'Chinese knockoff' version of Apple's new AirPods.
  • The leak title claims it's a depiction of Apple's AirPods Pro, specifically the charging case.
  • Says it's a "likely accurate depiction of the original model".

Two leaked photos published to Slashleaks claim to depict a Chinese knockoff version of the charging case for Apple's rumored AirPods Pro.

The leak was posted by user AYA2019, who has contributed 18 leaks to the site, with a reported success rate of 33%. (Make of the what you will.) The leak was added on October 25, and a description states:


AirPods Pro Leak

(Image credit: AYA2019 | SLASHLEAKS)

A user commenting on the post also notes:

Original Weibo account (in Chinese) says it's fake AirPods Pro preparing to ship, please purchase from Apple official online store after it's launched.

With that in mind, this is definitely not supposed to be a leak of an official Apple product, but rather a counterfeit, knockoff version supposedly based on the unreleased iteration of Apple's next AirPods, the AirPods Pro. A new set of AirPods featuring noise cancelling have been highly touted in recent weeks, with some suggesting that an announcement is imminent. Icons purportedly depicting the new rumored AirPods have also been spotted in the iOS 13 Beta.

This latest leak from Slashleaks appears to depict a charging case with a smaller form factor, and you can see from photos the markings for "Designed in California" and "Assembled in China." Again however, it's important to stress that this is a leak supposedly depicting a knockoff version of the AirPods Pro, not an official Apple product.

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