Apple 20wSource: Mr White

What you need to know

  • Apple's next iPhone may ship with a 20W charger.
  • That could mean even faster charging for the iPhone 12.
  • It's unclear if it would ship with all the iPhone 12 models or just the 'Pro' variant.

A leaker has posted photos suggesting Apple may ship the next iPhone with a 20W charger instead of its current 18W version.

This morning, Mr. White stated on Twitter:

New iPhone 12 will Be Equipped with 20W Power Adapter

Photos show not only a customary white adapter with all the usual 'Designed by Apple in California' spiel but also some very saucy transparent prototype images.

The rumor could mean that Apple plans to ship an even more powerful charger with the iPhone 12, a 2W upgrade on the current 18W charger. It is unclear if this would ship with all iPhone 12 models, or just the 'Pro' variant, as is currently the case with the iPhone 11 and the 18W charger. The upgrade could mean two things, if the battery remains similar in size to the iPhone 11, it would likely equal faster charging. If the battery has been upgraded in size at all, then the extra juice would help cope with charging needs.

This is the same Mr. White who recently suggested that Apple would be shipping a new Black Apple Pencil. According to Apple Track, Mr. White only has a 25% accuracy record. Of four previous verifiable leaks, only one, a leak about the iPhone X shipping in gold, has come to pass. An iPad mini 4 design leak, an iPhone XR casing leak, and an Apple Watch Series 5 blood pressure measurement leak have all been misses. The jury is, of course, still out on the black Apple Pencil.

The move to a more powerful charger for the iPhone 12, especially if it includes a larger battery, would make plenty of sense, however.